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Wolf Fur Hire(50)

By:T. S. Joyce

She crossed her arms on the back of the chair and rested her chin on them just to relax into this beautiful moment with the man she adored.

He was a doting father and an incredible mate, a strong alpha for the Dawsons and loyal friend to the Silvers, but most importantly, he was still here.

He’d gone to battle for her and fought for this moment.

The second he’d felt anchored enough, he’d weaned off Vera’s medicine—her strong mate. Link had broken his curse and forged the path of his own destiny. He was the reason breathtaking moments like this one existed.

“Are you still with us?” she asked softly, as she often did when she felt sentimental and needed to hear his voice just to know she wasn’t dreaming all of this.

Link lifted his gaze, steady and gray. A slow smile spread across his lips as he cradled Fina closer. “Always.”