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Wicked Beat(7)

By´╝ÜOlivia Cunning

Rebekah forced her lips to break contact with Eric’s. Her hand slid to cup his cheek while she stared into his irresistible blue eyes. “I’m not adorable,” she assured him, her eyes drifting closed again as she leaned in to steal another kiss. She just needed one more and she’d be set. Just one more. “I’m… I’m sexy and… Mmmm…” Or two. She kissed him again. And again. Shuddering when his tongue brushed her upper lip, she pulled away and then bit her bottom lip to make it behave and stop herself from craving his mouth so thoroughly. Rebekah opened her eyes, immediately got lost in his gaze again, and forgot what her point had been in the first place. “I’m sexy and… sensual and…” Still a woman.

“No arguments from me, little Reb. I just didn’t know if you were sure.”

A loud horn blared as a solid black tour bus with Sinners’ cherry red logo painted on the side turned into the parking lot and pulled to a halt next to the pigsty bus.

Eric lowered Rebekah to her feet and released her. He held onto her arm until she regained her balance and then turned to drop the hood on the Corvette before going around to the back of the car to open the trunk.

She was a bit confused by his sudden brusqueness. He’d probably lost all respect for her after she’d thrown herself at him like that. It wasn’t like she attacked good-looking guys on a regular basis. Or ever, actually. She just hadn’t expected to enjoy Eric’s kiss quite that much. She really had intended to use it to drive home her point. Which had been that… um… What had her point been? She touched her heated cheeks with cool fingertips.

Eric pulled a large duffel bag from the trunk and closed the hatch.

When he noticed her standing there uncertainly, he said, “Well, come on. Don’t you want to see the inside of the new bus?”

She smiled and nodded enthusiastically.

He bit his lip and shook his head at her. “I still say you’re the most precious, adorable, little thing I’ve ever seen.”

She gasped indignantly. Oh yes. That had been her point. “Eric Sticks, you don’t want me to teach you another lesson, now do you?”

He grinned and Rebekah’s heart raced.

“Yeah, actually, I do,” he said.

Chapter 3

Much to Eric’s delight, the new tour bus had six curtained bunks instead of four, and the mattresses were at least a foot wider. Bliss for someone obscenely tall and forced to sleep in a compartment designed for an average-sized toddler. Being perfect gentlemen—yeah, right—the guys let Rebekah choose her bunk first. She selected the bottom bunk closest to the bathroom where Sed used to sleep on the old bus. Trey immediately claimed the bunk over hers, which had been Eric’s.

“This way I get to be on top of Rebekah night after night after night,” Trey said. He bit his lip and leaned toward her, but didn’t touch her. Her eyelids fluttered, lips parted, and she swayed toward him. Under Trey’s spell already. Son of a bitch. The guy had the uncanny ability of knowing how to seduce anyone. Except Brian. He’d been trying to get in their lead guitarist’s pants for years. As far as Eric knew, he’d never quite managed it.

Rebekah flushed and giggled like most women did when Trey gave them the slightest notice. If Eric had said that exact same thing to her, she probably would have punched him in the teeth for being a pig.

Eric picked the bunk across the aisle from Rebekah’s. Because he was sick of sleeping in a top bunk, not because he kept replaying her little lesson over and over in his mind. And not because those thoughts were making his dick all tingly with excitement. And definitely not because he might catch a glimpse of her while she slept. Um, yeah.

Jace tossed his duffel bag into the bunk above Eric’s. “I finally get my own bunk,” he said. In the past, he’d had to take whichever bunk happened to be unoccupied, which changed depending on which band member had claimed the queen-sized bed in the only bedroom for a particular night.

Sed took the bottom bunk across from the bathroom, leaving the bunk above him for Brian, whenever he happened to show up.

“Does this bus have a bedroom?” Trey asked. He slipped the strap of Rebekah’s tank top over her shoulder with one finger. Again, with the flushing and giggling on her part. But her nipples weren’t hard. Not like when Eric had massaged her back. And she wasn’t teaching Trey any lessons. At least, not yet.

“Of course it has a bedroom,” Sed said. He opened the door at the end of the hall. “But now that we each have our own bunk, we don’t have to fight over it.”

Eric turned his attention to Jace, who had this totally annoying, empathetic expression on his beard stubble-covered face. Jace glanced from Trey to Rebekah and then rolled his eyes at Eric. So Jace had figured out that Eric was jonesing over Rebekah. Twerp. Eric supposed it wasn’t too hard to figure out, but it was easy enough to remedy. If she wanted Trey, what did he care? Trey could have her. Um, yeah.