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Unspoken Epilogue

By:Jen Frederick

10 Years Later


Bo was here. I could feel it in the air. The energy of the office changed almost instantaneously when he walked through the doors. The hedge fund that Noah Jackson and I had started just out of grad school had blossomed into a half billion dollar firm ten years later. While everyone here was supposedly a professional, Bo still caused a disturbance. The men adjusted their pants and smoothed down their hair; women crossed their legs and ran light fingers over their blouses. He just had that thing that made all of us stand up and preen. I tried not to appear too excited. After all, I was supposed to be a hard nosed hedge fund manager. But I knew what was going to happen over the lunch hour and because of that, it was hard to even stand up, let alone pretend I was completely unaffected.

"Hold my calls, Stephen. You are free to go to lunch," I said to my assistant as Bo sauntered down the hall toward me. His jeans, white t-shirt with its Randolph Construction logo over the breast pocket told me he'd come directly from a work site.

"Take a long lunch." Bo knocked his fingers against Stephen's desk. Stephen looked over at me for agreement and I nodded. Bo's eyes ran over my jersey dress that I'd quickly thrown on this morning when Bo had brushed his lips over mine and told me he'd see me for lunch. "A really long lunch."

Bo walked into my office, intentionally rubbing his arm across my front. My whole body thrummed and the nipples behind my well padded bra, another hasty change this morning, hardened into tight points. Bo settled his large frame in one of the two high-backed leather chairs positioned in front of my desk. With one hand, he motioned me forward. "Come here."

I obeyed almost unconsciously. My body knew what was in store and had been in a state of anticipation since the condo door closed behind Bo this morning. I knew that my clothes would be mussed and my panties would be wet. I knew that my attention would wander and my nipples would be erect. I'd thrown off my wool skirt and silk and lace bra and exchanged the outfit with this jersey dress which had promised to be wrinkle-free no matter what. We'd see.

The lock of my office door sounded overloud in the room. When Freedom Funds moved into these offices in downtown Chicago, the contractors outfitting my offices gave me knowing looks when I asked for locks. I passed it off as client security but I'm not sure they bought it. I know Stephen suspected the locks and long lunches we ordered him to take had nothing to do with business.

The clink of metal against metal as Bo unbuckled his belt almost made me come. A shiver ran up my spine and I paused, taking a moment to gather up a modicum of composure. I moved slowly toward him, taking my time, drawing it out as much as I could. His eyes were darkening, evidence of his own desire.

"Lift up your leg and place your knee here." He patted the seat of the chair. I rested my knee on the outside of his thigh and Bo drew a hand up my ankle, the calluses of his hand evident through the nylon of my stockings. My pussy tightened instinctively, and I drew in a swift breath.

"It's been at least," Bo paused and looked at his watch, "five hours since I've had my mouth on you. That's about four hours and fifty-nine minutes too long."

No disagreement from me. Bo's hand had found its way under my skirt and his big fingers were stroking my upper thigh. I'd have answered him but my mouth was too dry. Instead, I just nodded. He squeezed my leg in approval.

"Now you're gonna need to do two more things, Sunshine," Bo instructed. I was willing to do anything so long as it meant that his mouth was on me somewhere. "You lift that skirt and show me your pretty pussy with one hand and you rest your other on the chair over my shoulder."

My hand drew up my skirt slowly, to tease him like he was teasing me with his fingers running up and down my upper thigh in long strokes. He would come close to touching my aching center and then back away. Bo knew how to play the game, though. The slower I drew up my skirt, the more languorous his strokes. I had a business meeting in an hour and a half. I shouldn't be dallying. I finished pulling up my skirt and smiled slyly at Bo's quick inhalation. I was wearing a delicate pair of panties which were nothing more than a complicated webbing of string that left the front exposed, covered my pussy lips and crisscrossed in the back, making web-like patterns on my cheeks.

"Lift your skirt all the way up and turn around." Bo made a circle with his finger. I shook my head no and raised one eyebrow in challenge.

Instead of coming after me as I had expected, Bo unzipped his pants and drew out his cock, almost fully erect and a dark red color. He slid his large frame even further down the chair until his shoulders were below the back. His large hand engulfed his cock, and he began to stroke it slowly.