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Under the Boss's desk(7)

By:Lena Malick

“I didn’t think…” he continued, after I let him up for air. “I didn’t think you felt — the — oh Goood. I didn’t think you felt the same way. Ahhhh.” Another orgasm hit me as I heard his words.

He let out a long cry of pleasure as he came inside me. I could feel him spasm, releasing in me in spurts and bursts. His body jerked and spasmed as I continued to orgasm, my hands grabbing his hair in fistfuls.

Slowly, I ground to a halt. I rested on him, our bodies melded together. I felt his chest against mine, the medallion he wore around his neck pressed into my skin. Our breathing matched, slowing down. I kissed his mouth, nibbling his bottom lip. He wrapped his arms tightly around my back and shoulders, shuddering against me. We stayed like that for a long time, gently rocking forward and back.

I realized I was crying. Somehow the intensity of it all was too much to bear and it was coming out in tears. He pulled back and looked at me, concerned.

“It’s okay,” I told him as I choked on my tears. “It’s okay. I’m happy. These are happy tears. These are overwhelmingly happy, happy tears.” He smiled as I kissed him, my tears wetting his face.