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Under the Boss's desk(6)

By:Lena Malick

He stood behind me. “You deserve that, don’t you?” he said. I couldn’t answer. I was so disoriented, I wouldn’t have know my own name if he’d asked me. He reached down and took my ass cheeks in his hands and spread me wide open. “I’m looking at your ass, your asshole, spread open. Is this what you wanted, to reveal yourself to me? Is this what you wanted?” His voice was breathy and excited.

He slapped my ass again. Hard. I shuddered-a quiver of pleasure unexpectedly tingling in my groin. Another hard smack. “Bad girl,” he nearly screamed. Again, a loud crack. My ass was now numb, but the quiver of pleasure was no longer faint-it was taking me over. I was shaking.

“I’m… I’m bad. I’m a bad girl. I’m a bad girl. Please… please punish me.”

Without a word, he slapped me again. A jolt went though my body. He began slapping me in rapid succession. He grabbed my stinging butt with one hand, and with the other he stuck his thumb in my pussy. He didn’t slide it in, he jammed it in, then shook that hand and the hand on my ass together, causing me to squirm and flop on the desk. He shook me like I was a rag doll. The pleasure that buzzed in me was like an enormous bell that had been rung, rattling the whole room with a dense vibration.

An orgasm was rushing toward me like a tidal wave about to hit land when he pulled his thumb out. He reached down and grabbed my hair, pulling me up to standing. He spun me around. “Is this what you wanted?”

He kissed me. Taking me in his arms, he kissed me passionately, like a real lover. “Is this what you wanted?” he said, and kissed me again, sliding his hand up my neck and pulling my head deeper into the kiss. “Is this what you wanted?” he said again, kissing my lips, my cheeks, my ears.

“Yes,” I whispered. “Yes. For years. All of it. Yes.”

He cupped my breasts as I reached down and unbuckled his pants and let them fall to the floor, along with his underwear. His dick sprung forward. I took it in my hands like it was a possession that belonged only to me. As he unbuttoned his shirt, I kissed his neck, sliding his shirt off his shoulders. I kissed his chest and nipples, down to his stomach and belly button, kissing my way down. I tenderly kissed his dick, wetting it with my tongue, licking the length of the shaft until it was slippery wet. Then I took it in my mouth. It was warm and firm, pulsing with life. He put his hands on my head and moaned as I moved him in and out of my mouth, stroking him as I did. He seemed to swell larger as I sucked him, as firm and hard as the muscles in his arms.

He pulled himself out and crouched down, pushing the chair out of the way. He kissed me again as he gently tilted me back so I was lying on my back on the carpet. He moved over me, pulling my legs apart. I felt him push against me. His size caused my body to resist at first, before finally giving way. He entered me slowly, pushing in slightly, then pulling out, then pushing in deeper. And deeper. And deeper. All the way in, until I felt like he was consuming my whole body with his size.

He was an expert lover. I would never have expected it, with his polite, proper ways. He knew where my body was going before I did, slowing down as an orgasm built up in me, then pushing fast and deep as the orgasm approached, and maintaining it as it rolled through me. He slowed to a stop while still inside me, kissing me, massaging my breasts, and then slowly started up again, bringing me right back to another peak. After my second orgasm, he slowed, pulling out of me. He stood and reached down, taking my hands and lifting me up. He led me to the couch along the wall of his office. He sat and maneuvered me over his lap, facing him. I reached behind and guided him into me, sliding down until he was filling me again. I moved forward and back, up and down as I watched his face. I kissed his forehead and nose and eyes, still not believing what was happening, wanting to take it all in, afraid I’d wake up at any second. I kissed his mouth, his tongue gorging my mouth, just as I’d always fantasized.

He looked up at me as I rode him up and down. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted this?” I said.

“No,” he said, his face contorted, like he was getting close to orgasm. I slid all the way down and squeezed, greedily sucking him all the way in.

“Since the beginning. Since the very beginning,” I said. “For three years I’ve wanted this.” His face twisted again. “Oh, God,” he said.

“Do you — know how long — I’ve wanted this?” he said with choppy words as I rode him faster.

“No, how long?”

“Since — the first time — I saw — you.”

“Oh, God. Oh, God, Oh Calvin.” I kissed him, devouring his mouth as I humped him.