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Training Party

By´╝ÜCheryl Dragon

Chapter One

Being deeply involved with two men might be a woman’s fantasy, but this woman would never ask for it. Tucker Gallen glanced through the side window of Angie Hennison’s house and caught her in a heavy three-way with Ben and Jerry. Finding her naked with two men would be a turn on, but Angie had asked him to watch her so she didn’t pack on extra pounds before her friend Cassie’s wedding.

Tucker had told her ten times she didn’t need to lose weight, but she was determined to drop another five pounds before the big day. Now, he’d caught her red-handed with a pint of Chunky Monkey and a spoon. Tucker and his buddies loved her curves, and they’d much rather be the men keeping her busy, but she kept them in the friend zone.

He walked around the back of the house and entered through the kitchen door. Angie always left the back door open when she was home. Good old, safe Lucky Springs, Louisiana.

“You really shouldn’t leave doors open, Ang. With the factory hiring so much, there are tons of single men swarming the town. You need to be more careful.” He barged into her living room.

“Men? Like they’re going to come after me. You work at the factory, so do Landon and Dane. If anyone bugged me, you’d find them and beat them up.” She put the ice cream behind a decorative pillow. Not very subtle. He loved that she wasn’t good at lying.

“True. And with all the added men around here, single women will be a hot item.” He reached behind the pillow and produced the mostly eaten pint. “Now, you know I don’t think you need to lose an inch, but you asked me to keep you on track.”

She looked at him with those big blue eyes and pouted. Her long blonde hair hung over her shoulders, and she hadn’t even bothered with makeup. Tucker inspected her outfit, cargo pants and a T-shirt. Not even workout clothes. Maybe she’d given up the weight-loss nonsense?

He’d miss the excuse for dropping in on her unannounced but maybe, he’d finally make a romantic move instead…except he wasn’t good at letting down his guard.

“I’m sorry. I needed sugar! I want to look good for the wedding. Especially with all these new men around here. I wish Cassie hadn’t asked me to stand up. The dresses don’t hide anything.” Angie rubbed her forehead.

“You don’t need to hide anything. If you’re determined to turn yourself into a stick figure…” He marched to the kitchen, annoyed at her and his own feelings. Sure, she’d been the chubby girl in school, but when puberty had hit, it had landed in the right places. She wasn’t skinny, but Angie was a real woman.

He searched her fridge and put two more pints of ice cream on the table. Then he found cookies and chips in the cabinet.

Angie stood in the doorway. “Don’t. That’s emergency stuff. If it’s not here, I’ll go shopping or drive-thru for something.”

“You made me promise to help you. Not to let you eat this stuff. What sort of friend would I be if I broke my promise?” He nudged her to one side and headed for her bedroom. With freedom to search, he was less interested in snacks and more in what else she might be hiding.

“Where are you going? The food is in there.” Her voice betrayed her panic as she stayed right behind him.

“Right. You never snack in bed. We know you better than that. Landon and Dane said you love chocolate in bed.” Tucker and his pals had no secrets. Those two got more out of Angie sometimes because they were a gay couple and friends of hers from high school. She shared things with them that she’d never tell a straight guy.

“I hate them.” Angie rolled her eyes.

“You love us all. We’re your friends.” He hated that word. They could be so much more.

He opened one nightstand and found a variety of fun-size candy bars. He dumped them on the bed then went to the next drawer.

“No!” She pressed behind him and reached to slam the drawer.

But Tucker was taller and stronger. He held her back and found books and toys. Not hiding his smile, he spread the books out on the bed and found three rather good-size sex toys.

Two vibrated and one was clear glass. “At least, you’re getting some exercise.”

“No. Just put it away. I don’t go through your private drawers and look at your porn stuff.” She reached for it, but Tucker kept himself between her and the bed.

He’d grown up on the poor side of town on a ranch that didn’t make much of anything.

When he’d gone to work at the factory, his father hadn’t been happy but Tucker was. He’d found freedom and his guys, and it worked. Traditional wasn’t their way. Still, Tucker’s feelings for Angie hadn’t disappeared. He’d worked hard to overcome his childhood and take control. She was the one thing missing in his life. No matter what he told himself, deep down he craved her love in addition to the friendship.