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Train's Clash(6)

By´╝ÜJamie Begley

“That’s sexy as fuck.” His praise had Sasha doubling her efforts to please him.

“Then yell for Rider …” Jewell panted.

Train lifted himself on his elbow to stare down at her humorlessly. “You think I need another man to handle two women?”

Jewell’s face went white. “No … No, I-I only meant …” Jewell stuttered to a stop. The woman knew if she pissed him off, it would be a while before she worked herself back into his bed.

“You want my dick more than Sasha does?” Train combed his fingers through Sasha’s hair, slipping his cock from her airway long enough for her to take a deep breath before plunging back in again.

“I want to come!” Jewell pleaded, dropping her legs to the mattress and turning so she could scoot down his body, making room for herself between his legs.

She moved her mouth below Sasha’s, finding his balls, where she sucked one into her mouth then alternated to the other one until he broke out in a cold sweat. He barely managed to keep himself from coming.

Train stared down at the two women diligently working on his cock. “Stop, Sasha.”

Her sultry face dropped in disappointment as she moved to his side.

“Ride me, Jewell.”

He didn’t have to ask her twice. She slung one leg over his hip, grabbed a rubber and quickly put it on him before poising her pussy over his dick and dropping down on him with a groan.

“You needed that bad, didn’t you?”

Jewell licked her bottom lip as she nodded.

“Come here.” He held out his hand to Sasha, and she took it, moving closer to his shoulder. Train raised himself up to lean back against the headboard and ordered, “Stand up.” Then he maneuvered her so she was standing, straddled over him, making him eye-level with her pussy. “Now, isn’t that a pretty sight?”

He gently licked her, building her desire until her clit quivered under his tongue. He used his hand to part her fleshy lips, seeing the throbbing center of her desire.

Jewell was pounding herself down on him as he licked Sasha to an orgasm, while Sasha stood over him, holding on to the headboard.

“I wish I had my phone. I’d take a picture of this,” Sasha told him. “The women at the Ohio clubhouse would be jealous as fuck if they saw. They all want you to come back to stay again.”

He used one of his fingers to enter her opening, spreading her juices to make his entry easier. Sasha might fuck a lot, but she was one of the tightest women he had ever had.

“Am I hurting you?” he asked when he added another finger.

“No!” She shoved her pussy further into his face, demanding more.

Train cupped her ass cheek to hold her steady. His balls tightened as Jewell’s pussy clenched around him like a vice.

He slapped at Sasha’s clit with his tongue as he felt her come on his fingers. Taking her by the waist, he then lowered her to his side before she dropped down on him.

“That was fun. Can we do it again? This time, I want your dick.” Sasha leaned over to plant a kiss on his mouth.

He licked her bottom lip before plunging his tongue inside, giving her the taste of herself.

When he pulled away, he told her, “It might take me a couple of minutes, but I’m game.” He looked down at Jewell. “How about you?”

Jewell pulled herself off his limp dick to lie down on his other side. “You know me; there isn’t much I’m not up for.”

Train scooted himself down between the two women. He lazily played with Jewell’s nipple with one hand, and with the other, he kept Sasha’s orgasm on a slow burn by rubbing her throbbing clit.

Sasha shifted to her side, moving her arm to his waist and making his cock accessible to her searching hand. “You’re already getting hard again. Moon is quick on the draw, but I think you have him beat.” She playfully bit down on his shoulder.

Train turned his head to give her a warning glare. “Don’t leave a mark. I don’t like that shit.”

She stopped immediately. “Sorry.”

He twined a hand around her neck before pulling her down to kiss her pouty lips, taking the sting away from his words.

Train had fucked long enough to know that, when a woman left a mark, they considered it a mark of possession. He didn’t belong to any one woman, and he never would. Monogamy was for a man who worked from nine to five.

He believed playing to his strengths. He was the man to call when someone needed something done. He could fly his chopper through war-torn areas and never break a sweat, but the thought of putting a ring on a woman’s finger gave him nightmares.

Jewell stirred next to him, wanting her own share of his attention.

Train squeezed her tit, plumping it up. Then he tore his mouth from Sasha’s ravenous lips to pluck the tip between his teeth, giving her the bite of pain he knew she craved. He took his time rebuilding the women’s desires and his own.