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The Unbreakable Trio(7)

By:Sam Crescent

“I love her, Liam. I’m not good for her.”

“Don’t give me that shit. If you really cared what was good for her, you’d have let me be with her years ago.” They’d made an agreement on the last camping trip. Neither would seek out Claire unless she chose one first.

Back then they’d been young boys, unaware of a world where they could all be together.

Now they were men and intent on loving Claire forever.

“Let me do my job, and we’ll see how this goes.”

Liam held onto the broom and glared at his friend. More secrets. He handed the broom back.

“You know, you and Claire haven’t been the same since your eighteenth birthday. Anything you care to share?”

The telltale signs, the frozen stance and the closed-off attitude. Something happened that day, and Liam was determined to find out.


He nodded and left the stall. If it was the last thing he did, he would find out what was going on.

Chapter Four

Claire gave a final stir to the stew and tasted the seasoning. She placed a lid on each pot, moaned in approval and shoved plenty of bread into the oven to warm up. She fixed the large table to serve everyone and found the bowls.

A lemon cake sat on the side cooling, and she’d already made a bowl of custard to go with it. The sun was setting in the sky, and the chill of a summer night was fast upon them. She’d spent the whole day cooking and cleaning, and never had she felt so happy, and at home a shopping list lay on the counter of the ingredients she’d need for the coming weeks.

She rang the bell. Claire pulled out the bread from the oven. She placed the butter and the bread in the center of the table, and she began ladling out spoonfuls of stew. She made enough for extra portions. The men worked hard in the blistering summer heat. They deserved good food.

She supplied plenty of water and smiled as she heard the pounding feet. One by one they washed their hands and headed for the table. Liam and Shane came in last, and she served them their portions before putting the pot back on the stove. She served a portion for herself and ate next to the two bosses.

“This is some good grub, Claire.” Each man shoveled down the food, letting out moans of approval with each bite. She couldn’t help giggling as they licked their bowls. When she offered more, every man held up their hand.

After a second portion, Shane silenced the room.

“I think we need to take a vote. Who wants Claire as our housekeeper?”

“Wait, wait. Before you vote, I’ve got cake and custard.” She tempted them.

A chorus of whistles and screams of yes erupted around the kitchen.

Claire served them cake and sat back down, laughing.

“You’ve got the job,” Shane whispered against her ear. She shivered and wished she could lean in farther and ask for more.

She smiled and ate her own cake.

The meal went by with plenty of work talk, and Claire left them to it. She cleaned the dishes and went into the pantry to search the large freezer for more meat. The life of a housekeeper meant she would always be planning for the next meal.

Liam found her picking out chicken pieces.

“Thank you,” he said. Claire shut the freezer lid.

“You’re welcome. I’m looking forward to leaving that apartment and moving here. I’ve always loved it here,” she told him.

“I know.” He moved closer into the room. Since she’d been in the pantry, he’d removed his shirt, and she couldn’t look away from the tempting view of his pecs.

“Aren’t you cold?” she asked, cursing her curious mind.

“No. I’m on fire.” His voice deepened. Claire gasped as the gravelly tone of his voice affected her. Her traitorous nipples hardened against the fabric of her shirt. She wore a lacy bra and knew he’d be able to see them protruding. Her pussy creamed with her arousal. She was sure he could smell her sex, standing where she was.

Whenever her men came near her, it was like her body got ready for sex.

He walked closer until he blocked her against the freezer and the hard length of his body.

“I like you being here. It feels right,” he whispered.

Claire gazed up at him. His presence made it harder for her to think.

“I like being here.”

His hands reached out and cupped her hips. Liam had never been so bold before. His hands were so large, they made her feel small. Delicate.

“I’m pleased you picked me,” she said, trying to get her brain back on track. Liam smiled. He wasn’t teasing her anymore. The man standing before her was serious. Her heart picked up speed. A yelp escaped her lips as he picked her up and rested her on the lid of the freezer. He spread her legs open and stood between them.