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The Lover Beneath Me(5)


“Are you out of your fucking mind? I came here for you. I needed to see you. Do you have any idea how fucking busy I am? Can you even fathom the amount of work I have to take care of? And yet, I came here. I had to come. I need to see you. I had to see you so I can finally feel like I could breathe. Not seeing you is killing me,” he shouted, his face inches from mine. “Get in the car,” he gritted through his teeth as he opened the door and forced me inside.

He drove like a mad man through the streets, growling and grunting to himself, but never saying anything to me. I didn’t have the strength to look at him.

We reached my house in record time. I thought that we’d stay in the car a bit longer, but no, Daimon didn’t want that. He stepped out and walked around to the passenger side, yanking the door open. He stood, holding the door but not looking at me. I inched out and started for my house. Daimon slammed the car door shut and seized my arm pulling me to the front door.

“Open the door,” he growled low as he glared down at me, his eyes piercing me. Once we stepped inside the vestibule, my belly dropped. The house was dark, not one light was lit, only the shadows danced silently as he stood behind me. He wordlessly grabbed onto my waist and pulled me in close against his hard body.

“I feel lost without your sweet heat around my cock. That warm flesh welcoming me home. Addie, you’re mine and you know it. Your mind, your heart, your body, it all belongs to me,” he whispered into my ear as he brought his hand down the front of my skirt.

“Tell me you miss me, Addie,” he pleaded as he turned me around, nearly throwing me against the door. I held my tongue. Daimon growled as he reached for my skirt and hiked it up to my waist.

“Never wearing panties.” He groaned as he fished out his penis. “Tell me you miss me,” he said again, now swiping the head of his cock along my swollen flesh.

He let out a breath as he steadied himself and surged inside me. I bucked up, my head falling back when he filled me. Daimon growled low as he held onto my hips, his fingers digging in deeply. He started to fuck me in a greedy, hungry way. Hammering at my pussy, pushing himself deeper inside me, he grunted at every move. He felt so good after so long. I didn’t realize how much I had missed him or how much I needed him. My pussy clenched, longing for more of him, urging him to keep going. He feverish thrusts drove my need for release.

“God, I missed your pussy so much. It’s perfectly tight, tight enough that it fits only me,” he barked.

I cried out as I came, grabbing onto his shoulders to hold myself up. “Fuck yeah! Your hot cum is gushing all over my cock,” he groaned. He charged one more time and moaned as he squeezed my hips, almost hurting me. His head fell back as he bared his teeth.

He stayed inside me, looking down, gazing into my eyes, until finally he slipped out. The stillness of the house, the dark shadows that surrounded us and yet the only sound I could hear was the heavy beating of my heart.

“I can’t do anything to make this better,” he noted, his voice low and distant.

“That’s not it,” I murmured.

“All this time, I’m the only one trying to fight for us. You…you didn’t even want to see me. Don’t you see our future, a future we could have? I do. I see it even through all these broken images of you and me.”

“Daimon…” I breathed.

“I know I fucked up, Addie. I know I’m the one who has to try, but you’re not even meeting me a quarter of the way. There isn’t a thing I can do anymore.” He placed me down gently and straightened his pants.

“Daimon, let me explain. Your love—” I reached out to touch him, but he recoiled.

“No,” he said, grabbing on the doorknob. “This is my goodbye, Addie.”

Daimon left me alone in the silent darkness with the shadows of my father’s home. With his cum slowly sliding down my inner thigh, I stood, knowing he was never coming back.

Manila Envelope

“Are you Mrs. Evans?” a man holding a manila envelope asked as he waited by my door.

“Yes,” I answered. Eyeing the envelope, my belly fell and my heart wrenched.

“Then this is for you.” He handed it to me telling me to sign on the dotted line. I quickly opened it.

The world around me ceased to exist. The sound of my heart beating was so loud that it muted everything else.

I backed up into the wall behind me and slowly slid down. My heart struggled as my eyes blurred. Daimon had sent me divorce papers. He had signed them and sent them to me. He was a fucking bastard for making me fall for him, for always entering my life and controlling it. Telling him I needed time didn’t mean…destroying my marriage to him. Despite his reasons, I still wanted Daimon in my life, but what good was I to him?