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The Devil Behind Me(2)


“Oh, why?” He pouted, putting his arm around my shoulders, “You’re my best bud. You know that right, Addie?” I knew that tone of his.

I felt nervous. He was up to something. I vehemently avoided him as much as I could, which was hard only because he sought me out all the time. At least when he saw others try to bully me, he would step in and stop them. Everyone knew not to mess with Daimon. His family was part of the upper echelon of all of New York, let alone the world. If you were in his good graces, you were safe, but if you pissed him off, the boy had a temper and a fist to prove it. Daimon could handle himself. There was no question about it.

“Addie, you know I like you right?” He said so sweetly it nearly hurt my teeth.

“Look, let me go do my valedictorian speech and leave me alone,” I pleaded.

“This is different, you usually tell me to fuck off and fight back.” He acted surprised.

“Well, today is our last day here and I just want it to be over,” I admitted.

“Sure thing, Addie.” He winked and walked away.

I knew that look the asshole was planning something

The usual festivities were taking place, with a three-piece jazz band and a professionally catered luncheon with wine and cheese. All the rich and their assistants were here, rubbing elbows and making deals. I was just happy knowing that after the ceremony I would go home to my normal family life. My mom was preparing something special for us to eat and my dad would join us later, once the restaurant closed. I was excited about my new life outside of Elision Elite as I had received a full scholarship to Yale. My dream was to become a doctor. It felt good, it felt really good. Finally, I was going to leave this place and never look back.

The time arrived for me to give my speech. I was excited and proud. I was sorry my parents couldn’t make it, but I understood. My parents owned a small restaurant and we needed to pay our bills. It was okay because after this, I was going to go home to my new life and fresh start.

I had begged my mom, well more like pushed her, into making me a special dinner. She kept insisting she couldn’t because she needed to work, but I shamed her into it. Telling her that for once, I would like to be appreciated for all the hard work I did for school and for them. I did work hard. I received good grades and finished at the top of my class. I even received a full scholarship to Yale, for God’s sake. So why couldn’t I get my celebratory dinner? In a few months, I would be gone from home and I would only see them when I was on break and maybe not even then.

I stood at the edge of the stage and smiled, excited to give my speech and move on.

I was finally announced. I took a deep breath, walked out and stood at the wooden podium. I placed my index cards down and took another deep breath. I smiled and nodded, waiting until everyone was done clapping. I could hardly see anyone since all the lights were directed toward me. The crowd had finally stopped and quietly waited for me to start.

“It is said that… AHH!” I screamed stunned at what had just happened.

An entire bucket of cold water had spilled all over me. I was drenched. The teachers were up in arms and the students laughed, while the parents whispered to each other. I looked up and saw some movement in the gallery up above. I stood there frustrated and angry. I couldn’t even have this one day.

“Addie.” One of my teachers called out, but I ignored her.

I swallowed my embarrassment and continued with my speech. I held my head high and didn’t waver, not once. The auditorium door opened and in walked Daimon. He stood close to the stage and looked at me. His eyes almost showing me pity. Well fuck you, Daimon, you did this. I knew it was him. He always did things like this to embarrass me in front of others. Well I was going to say what I needed to say and leave. I spoke loud and proud, just like my dad told me to. I finished my speech and left the stage. I hid behind the curtain and held back the tears that were fighting with me, but I was on the losing end.

“Hey, Addie?” Daimon cried out. “Are you okay?”

I looked up menacingly, hating what he had done. Daimon tried to touch me, but he recoiled once he saw my face

“Nice touch, jerk! You couldn’t just let me have today. You had to do it; you just had to. Well thank you, Daimon, for quite possibly ruining my last day of high school. Congratulations,” I said sarcastically and walked away.

“Hey, wait a minute… Addie?” He grabbed my arm and pulled me back. I turned and slapped him hard across the face. His eyes nearly bugged out. He glared at me as he began to bare his teeth.

“Screw you, Daimon, and all the money you have. Good for you that you’re rich and powerful. I hope the years you had screwing around with a poor little girl satisfied your sadistic need. Are you done now? ‘Cause this girl is done with you,” I said spitefully and left.