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Tempting the Law(6)

By:Alexa Riley

She licks her full lips, and I want to groan at seeing her soft, pink tongue.

“If you won’t take me and keep me, then I guess this is all I can have.” She pouts her bottom lip and runs her hand down my stomach and to my waist.

My cock is so hard that the tip is almost touching my belly button. And as her little fingers move down, I feel one of them brush the tip behind the towel. I should stop her, but I’m a selfish bastard, and I let her keep going. Back and forth, she rubs the tip, feeling beads of cum coat her finger. The sticky cum smears all over her, and just when I’m about to release a load, she takes her finger away and brings it to her mouth. She sucks on it like she would a cock, hollowing out her cheeks and letting her big lips pucker around it. She closes her eyes, making a sound of appreciation, and I almost collapse to the floor at the sight.

I lean forward, wanting to kiss her, but suddenly she pops the finger out of her mouth and takes a step back, looking at me with big bright eyes and a smile that tells me she’s up to no good.

“Guess if you don’t want me we should get back to the party. I’ve got a V-card to get rid of.” She whips around so fast I don’t have time to react as she flings the door of the bathroom open and takes a step out. Just before she leaves the pool house, she turns and winks at me. “Maybe you can stay for cake, and then I can see the present you brought me.”

She walks out, leaving me in a state of blue balls like I’ve never had before. I grit my teeth and slam the bathroom door, both hating what she’s just done and dying because I wanted more. I think about what she said and how she’s just baiting me into doing what she wants.

But as I grab the swim trunks and stuff my rock-hard cock in them, I think about her letting someone else have her. She’s a tease and she’s up to no good, but I won’t let her do something reckless. I’ve cared for her for far too long to let her fall into danger now. Even if the danger is me.

Chapter Six


I let out a deep breath as I exit the pool house. I can’t believe I just did that. My whole body is buzzing with excitement. My plan has to work. I put a smile on my face, even though a little part of me wants to run and hide. I don’t know how I kept myself in check. Part of me wanted to run in embarrassment, and the other part wanted to climb him like a tree and do all the things I’d dreamed about doing over the years. It took everything in me to do that. I can’t believe how bold I was, but it’s something I’ve wanted for so long. Just to touch him again. To even just be near him made me feel like I was where I was supposed to be.

I almost died when I saw he came to the graduation. My heart had been racing since he’d left the ceremony. I was fearful that he might not show up to the after party. I was almost in a panic. I don’t know why I doubted it. I should have known he’d come. He will always save me. I know that with every part of me. From the moment I’d jumped from that window, I’ve known he’ll always be there for me when I need him. And I need him now.

I don’t care that he was pushing me away in the bathroom. At least his words were. That gave me a spark of hope. He might have been able to say those things, but he didn’t pull away from me. I even felt him lean into my touch when I placed my hands on his bare chest. I’m simply going to have to push back. Or push him to act. I saw how his face turned to stone when mentioned being with someone else. I’d never actually do that because I belong to him. But I could use his jealousy to make him see reason.

Making my way around to the other side of the pool, I glance over my shoulder to see Coen exiting the pool house, his eyes trained on me. I try to put a little more wiggle into my step, hoping I don’t trip over my own feet. I’m not a temptress. Or at least I’ve never tried to be one before today, but I’m going to give it everything I have, because one way or another, I’m leaving with Coen today.

“Eden.” I look over at Taylor waving me over to one of the food tables. I’m surprised to even see him here, but I’m guessing his parents made him come. People will do anything to get an invite to be around my stepfather. To rub shoulders with a senator.

His eyes run over me, making me feel naked. It feels nothing like when Coen did it in the pool house. It takes everything in me not to cringe, but I have to do this. I know it’s the only way. I have to push if I want Coen to act. To take me like I’ve always dreamed he would.

Away from this place. Away from my stepfather, who makes me more than cringe and whose touches have begun to linger a little too long lately. My mother doesn’t appear to notice. She’s never around, and when she is, she just doesn’t care.