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Tempting the Law(33)

By:Alexa Riley

“It is. And you should see the new maternity lingerie I have on underneath. I’m very pleased with the new line.”

“Mommy!” Sadie yells, and we laugh at how demanding she is.

I give Cali one final kiss and go grab the tray of food. “I’m playing tea party for exactly one hour, and then I get you all to myself. Deal?”


As we walk to the playroom, I can’t help but growl as I stare at Cali’s ass and think about all the teeth marks I’m going to leave on it in just a short while.



10 years later…

“Please, Flynn, I can’t take anymore,” I beg as Flynn continues to eat at my pussy. He’s been at it for what feels like hours. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve cum. He drinks down every orgasm as he tries to get another.

I look down at him between my thighs, that hungry look still on his face.

“I’m sorry, honey, but you know Ryan is gay, happily married, with three freaking kids.” I don’t know why I’m trying to get through to him. I should just take my pussy-eating punishment and let it be, but I might die if I cum one more time. Is that possible? Probably not, or it would have happened already, seeing as I’ve been his for over ten years.

“No one sees you like this anymore. Only me.” He prowls up my body, and in one thrust is fully seated inside me as if proving his point. My hips rise to meet him, welcoming him home. “This is mine, only mine.” He growls the words as he starts to move. His thrusts are hard but slow. Making me feel every stroke inside my pussy. Him claiming it. Every inch.

I’d asked Ryan to come over and help me set up the bedroom to look like the Curved Intimates set the day I met my Flynn. I wanted to reenact the photoshoot, only this time he could do all those things he’d wanted to do to me that day. But first I thought it would be cute to do a few sexy pictures for my husband.

It’s hard to get a man who has everything a good ten-year anniversary gift, and I thought this would do the trick. I was wrong. It didn’t matter that Ryan is gay and happily married. Flynn was still pissed, having grabbed a laughing Ryan by his shirt collar and shoved him out the front door.

“You’ve done it now. You know how I am with you.” He buries his face in my neck as he continues to rut inside me.

If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, it’s Flynn’s driving need to have me. That has never cooled. In fact, I sometimes think it has grown stronger.

“Say it,” he grunts with his next hard thrust, making the headboard hit the wall.

“I’m yours. I only belong to you. I’ll never leave you.”

His body jerks, and I feel him cum deep inside me. His cum coats the walls of my pussy.

He licks my throat, all the way up to my ear.

“You better hope the kids don’t call wanting to come home from camp because you’re staying tied to this bed where you’ll be screaming that over and over again all weekend.”

I have a feeling I’ll be screaming that for a lot longer than this weekend. More like forever.

The End