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Tempting the Law(10)

By:Alexa Riley

His mouth takes mine back. We’re pressed together so perfectly I don’t know where I begin and he ends. This is how I want us to always be. We fit together too perfectly, like I was made to be his and only his. It proves to me how this was meant to be. He was meant to save me that day I was taken. He was supposed to save me from this place, too. Take me away before something bad could happen. Protect me forever.

All too soon, he pulls back. “Get your stuff, sweetheart. I want you out of here.” He lets my legs drop from around his waist, his cock slipping free. I moan at the loss. I want it back inside me. Want to stay as close to him as possible.

“Don’t look at me like that, or I’ll have your back on that bed so fast. I want you out of here.” He glances over his shoulder. “And away from him,” he finishes, and I know he’s talking about John. I know it was my stepfather who tried to come in here. He’s the only person who ever comes into my room.

I nod and he lets me go. I right my bathing suit before looking around the room, wondering what I should take. I grab a bag from my closet and start throwing clothes inside it.

“He ever touch you?” I turn to see Coen pacing back and forth, looking like a caged animal. I’m not sure what to say, because he has touched me before. I go with the truth.


He stops pacing, and his whole body locks up. A deadly look like I’ve never seen flashes across his face.

“Where?” he demands as he takes a step towards me.

I clear the distance between us, placing my hands on his chest in an attempt to get him to calm down. I don’t want something to happen here. I just want to leave this place and never look back. Growing up here wasn’t horrible, and I know others had it worse. I just hated it here when I knew I belonged with him, where I could have a real family.

The days ate at me as I knew I had to wait for the right time to be with him. It was a slow torture, but I knew it would be worth it as long as I got him in the end. That’s all that mattered. All that I ever wanted in life was to be with him forever.

“Not like that,” I try to reassure him. “Just sometimes he’d brush past me. Hug me a little too long.”

“That all?” His hands go to my hair, grabbing a handful in a possessive hold and pulling it a little to make me look up at him.

“Sometimes he looks a little too long.” I bite my lip, not wanting to admit the next part.

“And?” he pushes. He knows I’m hiding something. I don’t want to upset him. This is all in the past now. It doesn't matter as long as we’re together.

“I think he tries to catch me changing or in the shower.”

His nostrils flare and his breaths get deeper, like he’s a raging bull.

One hand leaves my hair, sliding between us into my swimsuit bottoms to cup my pussy.

“He ever see this?” he asks as his middle finger parts me and starts to slide inside me. Our mixed pleasure still coats me and his finger glides effortlessly.

I can’t stop the moan that falls from my lips.

Before I know what’s happening, my back is on my bed, sending my pile of stuffed animals flying off onto the floor. Coen’s hand is over my mouth, the other still between my legs as he cages me in.

“I don’t want him or anyone else hearing the sounds of your pleasure. For all I know, that fucker has his ear pressed up against the door trying to hear you cum. I won’t allow him the pleasure of that sweet sound. It belongs to me and only me. He’s already gotten too much of you,” he growls next to my ear. His finger keeps moving. “Now answer me. Did he ever see my pussy?”

I shake my head and I feel him relax.

“You touch yourself in this bed thinking about me?”

I nod. Every night I did.

He pulls back, looking down at me as a smirk hits his lips and his eyes go hungry again. “I lie in bed at night and touch myself thinking about you, too.” He yanks my bathing suit to the side and pushes his hard cock inside of me. I moan into his hand. His switches hands, the one that was just between my legs now covering my mouth.

“This is going to be quick,” he tells me as he starts to move against me. I wrap my legs around him. “Lick my hand, sweetheart. I want you to taste that pussy you kept safe just for me.”

I do as he says and he starts to move faster, and my bed hits the wall with each stroke. His mouth goes to my neck, sucking and biting me all over. I can feel my orgasm coming. He pulls them from my body so easily. It was never like this when I’d lay in my bed late at night touching myself.

“That’s it, sweet girl. Cum for me and I’ll take you home. You’ll never lie in the bed and have to think about being with me. You’ll have me deep inside you every night in our bed.”