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Tempt Me(10)

By´╝ÜOlivia Cunning

“What?” she asked.

“You're still in your dress.”

She stifled a loud bark of laughter. Mostly. “Well, the damned bathroom’s been occupied all night, and I'm not going to remedy that situation here at the table.”

“That's why we're going to be late.” He lifted a hand to a passing waiter. “Check, please.”

Chapter Five

The band had rented a limo to take them to and from the hotel, but as Adam planned to hog it all to himself, the guys would have to find a different way to the venue.

“Are you sure it’s okay to leave my car here?” Madison asked as they waited for the black stretch limousine to pull to a halt in front of the restaurant.

“If they tow it, I'll pay the impound fees.”

“I could just follow the limo to the arena and—”

He silenced her with a kiss. When he drew away, she stared up at him with that trusting, sultry expression that made his heart pound and his cock pitch a tent. “It will be fine, Madi,” he whispered.

She glanced at her dusty, pale blue sedan one last time and then climbed into the backseat of the limo. Adam slipped the driver a few hundred dollars. “Drive around for a while.”

The driver nodded as if he didn't know why Adam wanted to spend alone-time with the beautiful woman waiting in the back of the limo. “Yes, sir. What time would you like to arrive at the arena?”

Adam estimated how tardy he’d have to be to cause a blood vessel to pop in Shade’s head. Probably fifteen minutes. “A little before seven.”

“Yes, sir. I assume you do not wish to be disturbed.”

“You assume correctly,” Adam said before climbing into the air-conditioned back seat with Madison.

She was inspecting the minibar. Glasses clinked as her slight figure straightened and she slammed the lid closed. Had she been snooping? Did she suspect him of hiding drugs or what? She’d been acting a bit strange all evening. Perceptive to a fault, she’d probably guessed that he’d lied about not doing any drugs, or maybe she was suspicious about his reason for refusing her visit to his apartment. He hoped she didn’t press the issue. He wasn’t sure how he’d hide his recently obtained roommate. Adam had promised Madison that his father was out of his life for good, and he didn’t want her to know that he wasn’t capable of confronting the man and telling him to get lost. She didn’t need to know that. Madison thought he was strong.

Adam set his cookies on the seat and pointed at the minibar. “Would you like a drink?”

The driver shut the door and they were bathed in the soft glow of an overhead light.

She shook her head, clutching her hands in her lap.

“Good,” he said. “I'm much too impatient to let you drink it anyway.”

He reached for her and pulled her slender body against his. He always worried that he was too rough with her. He felt he should be gentle, but she liked the rough stuff. Begged for harsh treatment. It excited her. Made her insane with lust. Adam wrapped his hand around her hair at her nape and pulled her head back so he could suckle her throat and collarbones.

“Adam,” she whispered, “should we be doing this here?”

He slipped the straps of her dress from her shoulders, revealing more flesh for him to feast upon. “Absolutely.”

There was no way he'd make it through the concert tonight in his current state. Hell, he wouldn't even make it through the sound check. A quickie in the limo to make up for their missed opportunity in the restaurant’s restroom wasn't ideal, but he was under a time constraint. He'd take his time with her later. Worship her body the way it was meant to be worshipped. Give her all the pleasure she deserved, because it was the one thing he did have to offer.

Adam kissed a path from the beauty mark beneath her left eye to her ear. “You have me ready to explode already,” he said. “I can't think of anything but being inside you.” Twenty-four hours a day.

A rush of air escaped Madison’s sensual lips. “Yes.” She shifted her hands under her dress and slipped her panties down her thighs. “Take them off.”

“Woman, you tempt me beyond reason.” He yanked off her black cowboy boots and tugged her panties down her legs. After he'd tossed the scrap of lavender-colored satin aside, he ran his hands up her thighs, drawing the skirt of her dress to her waist. Her bare butt rested against the edge of the pliable leather seat; her legs extended out across the spacious floorboard.

Adam knelt between her thighs and drank in the sight of her exposed flesh. She'd completely shaved her pubic region. The first time he’d eaten her out—on her office desk—he'd told her that he liked a clean-shaven pussy. She’d been mortified that he’d had to pause several times to remove stray hairs from his tongue. The next time he’d seen her, she’d gone Brazilian. He’d made her confess that she’d shaved herself before their appointment, hoping they’d go all the way in her office. After she’d admitted she been fantasizing about him fucking her for weeks, he hadn’t disappointed her. Her office had been a complete wreck by the time he’d finished banging her on every available surface. A year and copious tumbles later, she still made his blood run hot.