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Tell Me(9)

By´╝ÜOlivia Cunning

On cue, the flight attendant announced that they could move about the cabin. Nikki unfastened her seat belt.

“I’m going to thank Mr. Big, Muscular, and Handsome for letting me have his seat.” And she was off to play her field. The damned thing was the size of the entire state of Kansas.

Melanie tried to ignore Nikki’s flirtatious laughs from up the aisle as she stared out the window wondering how her mood could have turned sour so quickly. She wouldn’t blame Gabe if he left her at the airport with her baggage. Baggage more commonly referred to as Nikki Swanson.

Chapter Four

Gabe smiled when Melanie’s text message popped up on his phone.

We’ve landed. Should I rent a car or just take a taxi to the stadium?

He texted her back right away. I thought you’d like to ride in the limo with me. I have a surprise for you. I think you’ll like it.

He glanced at the small package on the seat beside him. Yeah, he was sure she’d enjoy what he had tucked inside. A little something he’d invented a couple years ago.

A moment later his phone displayed her next message. Limo sounds promising. I have a surprise for you too. Pretty sure you won’t like it much.

Gabe groaned. There was only one thing he could think of that would put a damper on their weekend together. Are you on your period? He texted.

O_o You saw my pussy four hours ago. Did it look like I was on my period?

Thank God, he thought.

No, it looked damn hot with your fingers inside it, he typed to her. I’m sure I’ll like any surprise you brought with you.

We’ll see. Are you waiting in the terminal? I’ll be off the plane soon.

I’m in the black stretch limousine just outside. I’m pretending to be rich and famous. I sent the driver after you with your name on a sign.

Her response? K.

Such a terse reply for Melanie. He should have gone after her, he realized. She was probably expecting the “rush into each other’s arms and spin round and round while you lock lips in the terminal” scene. He didn’t much like public displays of affection, especially since he’d become somewhat of a celebrity. But he did want to make Melanie happy. And wanted her to know how great he thought she was. And smart. And beautiful. And funny. And sexy. Damned sexy. He just didn’t see the point in the entire world knowing how far gone he was over a woman he’d met less than a week ago.

But he didn’t mind her knowing it, so he started a new message to her.

Actually, I don’t trust myself in your company in public.


Figured you wouldn’t want your picture published all over the Internet with Force Banner’s tongue in your mouth.


And his hands all over you.


He waited eagerly for her next message. He was only half joking. Damn, he needed to be in, on, and around that woman in every capacity.

Her reply came at last. You overestimate my sense of propriety.

He laughed aloud as he read her text. Maybe he should have gone to pick her up in the terminal and to hell with what the tabloids published. He would have followed that impulse if he’d been wearing his ball cap and hadn’t already dressed for the band’s performance that night. His foot-high, red and black mohawk tended to draw attention, and people easily recognized him as someone they should gawk at. He wasn’t sure why. Nothing to see, folks. Nothing to see.

His phone sounded its text alert again.

BTW, I’m hungry. I hope you’re planning to feed me.

He’d promised to feed her the night they met, and they’d ended up distracted with more pleasurable preoccupations.

I can think of a few things I’d like to put in your mouth.

When she didn’t text him back and the minutes ticked by one after another, he decided he had offended her. He really did act like a horny idiot whenever they interacted. She was probably at the ticket counter trying to book the next flight back to Wichita. He decided to curtail his enthusiasm a bit and behave less like a caveman and more like his regular self. It had just been a long time since he’d been this crazy over a woman. So unequivocally in lust. He sure as hell didn’t want to fuck this up by making her think the only thing he was interested in was sex. He was definitely interested in sex but now that they had an entire weekend to spend together, he was determined to learn everything about her. Everything. So that lust might have a chance to become something more. Or if they found out they were incompatible outside the bedroom, so that he could get the woman out from under his skin. Or try to.

He decided to send another text, even though it did make him seem almost as desperate as he felt. I’ll order something to be sent to the hotel room. What are you in the mood for? Whipped cream or whips and chains?