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Tell Me(3)

By´╝ÜOlivia Cunning

Melanie stepped back from the phone so that he could see her. Her tight, gray skirt was bunched up around her hips, and an illegally sexy pair of black lace panties hid her sex. Did all businesswomen wear that kind of underwear under their office attire? If so, he was going to start hanging around water coolers.

When she pushed her glasses up her nose and nibbled her lower lip, his cock jerked with excitement.

“Fuck me,” he said under his breath.

He hadn’t known she’d worn glasses the night they’d met, and if men didn’t make passes at girls with glasses, then he had a gender identity crisis going on.

“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” she said with a naughty grin, her voice echoing slightly off the bathroom walls. Did her colleagues have any idea what kind of sexpot lurked behind her conservative facade? They’d better not. She was all his.

“Are you hard for me?” she asked. “Tell me, Gabe.”

“I’m always hard for you, baby. I belong inside you. Balls-deep inside you.”

“Show me.”

He reached for his fly and tilted the phone down, watching his screen to make sure she had a good view as he unfastened the buttons of his jeans one by one. He slid a hand down into his underwear and freed his throbbing erection from its confines, shuddering in bliss as his hand skimmed his cock’s sensitive surface.

“I swear it gets bigger every time I see it.” Melanie’s comment drifted up from the phone.

“It gets more desperate for you every time you see it.” He drew his phone closer to his face so he could see what she was doing on her end more clearly. He needed a bigger screen, he decided. No. He needed her here. Live in the flesh.

“This is where I want it, Gabe,” she said. He didn’t catch much of what she was doing as she moved but after a moment of holding his breath in anticipation, he released it in an excited whoosh as her pussy was displayed on screen, her fingers spreading her lips so he could see her intimately. So intimately. Her finger probed her opening, and she said, “In here. I want you here. Your fingers, your tongue, your cock. Right here.”

“Yes,” he said breathlessly. “That’s exactly where I want to be.”

He imagined himself buried inside her as he began to stroke himself. His hand was a poor substitution for her soft, silky heat, but it would have to do. He could hear her timid moans as her fingers slipped in and out of her pussy. He knew she’d have been louder if she’d been at home. She really put on a show for him late at night when he was alone in his bunk and she was in her bedroom. The first time he’d talked her into having phone sex, she’d been a little hesitant, but now she completely got off on it. And it made him crazy for her. Fuck, everything the woman did made him crazy.

His ass clenching rhythmically, Gabe pumped his hips as he thrust into his hand. He could almost feel her body against his, her pussy gripping his cock as he imagined fucking her against the bathroom wall. On the screen, her fingers moved to her clit, and she was soon trying to stifle her cries of release as she came for him. He scowled when she dropped her phone with a loud clatter and he could see nothing but blackness and hear nothing but her faint ragged gasps for breath.

He paused, waiting for her to return to him. After a long moment, her face appeared on the screen. Her glasses had slipped down the bridge of her nose. Her eyes were glassy, her cheeks were flushed, and her lips looked swollen, as if begging for kisses. His kisses.

“Sorry,” she said. “I don’t know why doing this at work turns me on so much.”

He grinned at her. “I do. You’re naughty, Melanie Anderson.”

She chuckled softly. “I was a good girl until I met you.”

“And that’s a bad thing?”

She shook her head, sending a few escaped curls dancing around her shoulders. “It’s a very, very good thing. Now come for me, Gabriel Banner, before I have to go back to my desk and pretend I care about numbers when I’d rather be stuffed with your cock.”

He smiled at her. “I love it when you talk dirty.”

“Soon I’ll be whispering those things into your ear. Soon I’ll be able to feel you inside me again. Your hard body against mine. Your breath against my skin.”

“Yes,” he groaned. “God, baby, do you think about me as much as I think about you?”

“Do you think of me constantly?”

“Yeah,” he admitted. “Every waking moment. Hell, you’re even in my dreams.”

“Then yes, I think about you just as much. I want to watch you come now, Gabe. Show me.”

He grinned at his good fortune. He was one lucky son of a bitch for finding a woman like her. He loved turning her into a naughty girl. It had been a goal of his. And... mission accomplished.