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Tease Me(10)

By´╝ÜOlivia Cunning

She’d expected him to be as excited by the idea as she had been.

“We’ll figure something out,” he said and climbed off the motorcycle. “You and I both know that a weekend isn’t enough time together.”

She smiled, her happiness returning. He hadn’t completely rejected the idea. But she would treat these three days and two nights as if they needed to treasure every moment. He headed for the store’s entrance and held the door open for her as he ushered her inside.

The scent of leather permeated the shop. Madison inhaled deeply. The smell of leather always reminded her of Adam. Leather jackets, pants and chaps filled long racks. Leather boots were displayed on one wall, black T-shirts on another. Bandanas and leather jewelry took up all other available space.

“Back so soon?” a rather attractive female employee asked Adam. “Not that I’m complaining.” The heavily tattooed woman smiled at Adam, and Madison—feeling inadequate and all unworldly country girl—slid her hand into his.

“I need to hook up my woman with some riding gear,” Adam explained, tugging Madison into view. “Something leather and skintight.”

“Better hook her up with a few tattoos while you’re at it,” the woman said with a smirk. “She’s too clean for the likes of you, Adam Taylor.”

“Actually, I think I’m too dirty for her.”

Madison shook her head vigorously, and the woman chuckled. “It’s a lot easier to add dirt than to clean it off,” she said. She aimed for a rack of black leather pants and started looking through them. She pulled out a pair and handed them to Madison.

Madison checked the tag, surprised they were the correct size. She held them up to her waist, trying to imagine what they’d look like on. Definitely skintight.

“Go try them on,” Adam said in her ear, his tone low and seductive. It played on her nerve endings and sent them sparking with anticipation.

“The dressing room is in the back,” the clerk said. “I’ll find you some boots.”

“I already have boots,” Madison said, peering down at her scuffed brown cowboy boots.

“I meant decent boots,” she said. “Riding boots.”

“I’ve been riding in these boots for years.” Of course her rides were on four-legged beasts, not two-wheeled machines.

“She keeps the cowboy boots,” Adam said with a grin. “She wouldn’t be my Madison without them.”

“Then we’d better go with a different leather,” the clerk said. She took the shiny black pants from Madison’s hands and replaced them with a pair of creamy white ones in a matte finish. Feathers and curvy designs had been embroidered around the top of the seat and down the hips and outer thighs with beige and black threads.

“Nice,” Adam said in that same seductive tone. He was obviously imagining her wearing them.

Madison made a beeline for the dressing room.

“There’s a matching jacket with angel wings embroidered on the back,” the clerk said to Adam. “Seems appropriate for your sweet little thing.”

Madison got the feeling the woman was mocking her, but when she peeked over her shoulder to find Adam trailing her to the dressing room, she didn’t much care. The clerk was obviously jealous, and Madison couldn’t blame her for that.

“Yeah, that,” Adam said calmly as his long strides quickly brought him closer to Madison. “And a black T-shirt.”

Madison hurried into the dressing room and closed the door. Her pulse was in a frenzy. Her nipples were erect. Her pussy swollen and achy. All because he’d followed her to the dressing room and spoken in that commanding, seductive voice of his. An entirely different reaction than she’d had when that creeper had followed her to the bathroom in the airport. She didn’t mind being stalked as long as it was Adam hunting her.

Madison unfastened her skirt and let it flutter to the floor. She kicked off her boots and pulled the leather pants on. She presented her backside to the mirror and ran her hands over her ass. She was pretty sure Adam would like the way the leather hugged her curves since the embroidery just under the waistband drew attention to her ass. Not bad.

“Well?” Adam said just outside the dressing room.

She unlatched the lock and eased the door open, looking up at him with her heart thudding hard. Would he like them on her? Or was she too clean to look good in leather? Even off-white leather.

“How do they look?” she asked quietly.

“Turn,” he said, his expression completely unreadable.

She turned to show him the back, and his hand hit the dressing room door, sending it crashing into the wall.