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Taboo Times Ten(8)

By:Remi Cogsworth

She smiled to herself again, then nodded.

“Of course, Daddy,” she said, looking so forward to the experience. “Fuck the living shit out of me!”

And so that's exactly what it did.

Eleven hours later, without let-up, sleep or food, Kendra had come so many times she lost count somewhere above 135. Luckily, she'd earlier thought to place a six-pack of bottled water nearby, mostly because she knew how dry her mouth often got when she fucked.

But that was it-water.

Her pussy was so swollen and overly-sensitive she'd begun climaxing over the last two hours almost nonstop, her bone-jarring orgasms often separated by less than a minute. The pistoning and vibrating self-lubricating dildos within both her anus and her vagina were giving her exquisite pleasure beyond anything she'd believed possible.

She was floating in a dreamland of pure and acute sexual build-up, followed by shockingly sudden and explosive satisfaction, repeated near-endlessly.

When earlier studying her own hypersexuality problem online, Kendra learned that the supposed record for most female orgasms in a single hour was 134. This was the fact that caused her to keep track of her climaxes on a small counter in her hand until she hit 135 (though her orgasms were over several hours, not just one), at which point she stopped counting.

And the most orgasms she'd had in a single hour topped out somewhere from 18 to 20, a number still worth noting. She was definitely a little climax machine herself.

She'd also learned of lab mice in the 1950's, the pleasure centers of their brains wired to receive numerous orgasms, that eventually starved to death-their endless climaxes were apparently preferable to even food as they repeatedly came their little brains out over a period of days.

A few years later, when those same brain experiments involving pleasure were secretly conducted on human volunteers, many of the women had multiple orgasms so intensely they often lasted over thirty minutes apiece, and were spaced apart by only a few minutes.

Barely enough time to recuperate.

Yet when the scientists in charge attempted to end the experiments, disconnecting the clearly exhausted subjects after hours of climaxing, they were met with near-violent anger and resistance.

That'd seemed almost unbelievable to Kendra at the time, but now she knew without a doubt it was true.

“I'm coming again!” she panted hoarsely, “Daddy, you're fucking me to death!”

“Not quite,” he told her. “But almost.”

“Ohhh, God, here I go again! Come in me!”

“Of course, sweetheart,” he said to her. “Oh, Kendra, sweetie, my cock's going off in your hot cunt again! I can't hold back another second! Ohhh, God, sweetie, I love coming in you so fucking much!”

And deeply within her, an ejaculation of warm sperm-like liquid squirted in several life-like spurts from the fleshy head of the pistoning dildo, the shaft of it throbbing and jerking realistically as it 'came' inside of her spasming pussy.

“I'm coming again!” she cried out. “Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me, fuck me!”

Kendra's cunt, filled to overflowing with the 'semen' pouring into her, spilled the slick liquid right back out. It covered her entire crotch, draining down into the superb crack of her butt even, the deliciously warm sensation spurring her on to another orgasm.

“Oh, GOD!” she panted, overcome with the sheer intensity of it all. “More, more, more, fuck me even more!”

The designer of the fucking machine was clearly a genius in every way, she found herself thinking, the action of the thrusting bar-and the smaller dildo screwing her in her butt still-just erratic enough to seem real.

It not only responded to her urgent voice commands of “Fuck me harder!” or “Fuck me faster!” but it varied the strokes just enough to be unpredictable.

Sometimes it gave her hard fast fucking, sometimes slower but deeper fucking, sometimes short little strokes that kept the flesh-like bulbous head of the fake cock right at the opening of her juicy cunt, driving her even wilder.

She simply could not get enough of it.

And then, unbelievably, a red light on the control panel began flashing the words 'Maintenance Needed' and her father's loving voice said, “Sweetheart, I have a meeting I've got to get to, right now-I know you'll understand.”

A failsafe, obviously built in by the technicians, possibly to prevent overheating or some such related problem.

“What!?!” she blurted out, admittedly exhausted but still wanting (needing!) to fuck just a little longer. “Daddy…!”

My God, she thought, this was exactly like real life, when her dad would take her somewhere and fuck her silly, but then have to run off due to business. And usually well before she was finished with the long string of orgasms she expected to experience with him.