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Taboo Times Ten(2)

By:Remi Cogsworth

“Oh, God!” I gasped. “I forgot what this felt like!”

And for the next minute or so I lay there on Mrs. Patterson's bed panting as I slid the tip of the vibrator up and down the length of my pussy, getting myself into high gear, as it were, before slipping the first inch of it into me.

“Ohhhh, God!” I breathed shakily, my bare inner thighs trembling. “I'm already going to come! Uhhh! Oh, God…”

And I did come, gasping with the illicit pleasure of it.

My cunt was so slick it was an easy matter to slide another inch or so of Mrs. Patterson's black vibrator up into me. I then began quickly fucking myself with it, with just those first two inches, pushing it up my pulsing cunt and opening myself up as wave after wave of that first orgasm washed over me.

It lasted a very long time, that initial climax. After, as it gradually subsided, I looked to the big dog.

He was still standing in place, watching me intently, his tongue lolling out, his clear eyes bright-as if he actually had some idea of what I was doing. And for all I knew, he did know. It was Mrs. Patterson's vibrator I was using, after all, so maybe he'd stood right there watching her use it on herself.

It made perfect sense, when I thought about it.

“I need to come again,” I told Rockford. “This thing's so great!”

It was, in fact, much stronger than the small white vibrator my sister always used on me. That'd been a simple 5” almost-toy that she'd fucked me with night after night, getting us both worked up and shaky before proceeding to the main event, which was the oral fun we also shared.

I was still a virgin, at my young age, then and now, but early gymnastic classes had opened me up down there long ago. So my little underage cunt became fair game for a variety of penis-shaped objects after my big sister showed me how: hot dogs, carrots, small shampoo bottles, even the handles of our electric toothbrushes.

“Oh, God, here I go again,” I announced to Rockford. “This thing makes me come so damn fast! Ohhhh…”

And as I came again, my overflowing juices running down into the already-slick crack of my narrow little butt, I pushed Mrs. Patterson's black vibrator still another inch or so into me. I began again fucking myself with it in a mounting frenzy, my hand almost a blur, my bare thighs repeatedly tensing with my efforts as my breathing grew even harder and faster.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes! It feels so good! Uhhhh, God…”

And in that delirious state, as my second orgasm was followed almost immediately by a third, I suddenly realized Rockford had his large head between my skinny legs and was eagerly licking the salty sheen of my oozing natural lubrication from my bare inner thigh.

With his moist tongue moving dangerously close to my little pussy!

“Rockford!” I gasped. “What are you doing…?”

But rather than stopping him, I was soon kicking off my shorts, panties and tennis shoes and putting my bare feet up on the edge of the bed. Spreading my legs even wider to give him better access, I was wide open to him.

“Oh, God, you bad dog!”

And, no surprise, not too many moments later I'd slid the vibrator up to my clit, pressing it into me there, while Rockford enthusiastically licked and lapped his way right into the center of my sopping cunt.

“This feels too good to believe!” I told him. “Don't stop, don't stop! Ohhh God, Rockford, you're killing me…good dog, good dog!”

And so, for the next half-hour or so, I lay on the edge of Mrs. Patterson's bed with my skinny legs spread wide, using Mrs. Patterson's black vibrator on my sweet young clit while Mrs. Patterson's big yellow dog licked my cunt until I was literally exhausted from too many orgasms to count.

Oh, one other thing:

After I'd had so many climaxes that my legs were too shaky to even stand up, it became obvious to me that Rockford had gotten himself into a state of excitement as well-his large reddish dog cock was sticking out from its hairy sheath, swollen and throbbing. It was the first one I'd ever seen like that.

It just wasn't something a regular 10-year-old girl ever saw.

“Are you okay, boy?” I asked him, sliding off the bed, my smooth brow knitted in concern. “Does it hurt, being so swollen up like that?”

He just looked at me with that sweet doggy face as I knelt there beside him.

And he was panting as I'd been doing earlier, clearly needing some kind of attention, so I reached out and did what any decent young pet-lover would do: I jacked him off, just as I'd seen those teen girls do to those teen boys in so many of the dirty videos my big sister had shown me online.

Of course, many of those girls used their mouths on the boy's cocks but I wasn't about to do that for Rockford! Still…