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By:K.L. Kreig

“So there are possibly three females alive…well, two outside of Kate…sired by Xavier?”

“Yes, my lord. Three total.”

“Do we know where the other two are? Where he left them? Do we know if they are still alive?”

“No, my lord. He did not keep any records for obvious reasons and after all this time, doesn’t remember the addresses. He did say they were all relatively local, within one hundred miles of this area, as he didn’t have time to go too far.”

“And their mothers? Are the mothers still alive somewhere too?”

“He did not believe so, my lord. He said most females don’t make it very long.”

“I don’t understand why he returned to Xavier each time he was allowed to leave? That makes no sense.”

“Leverage, my lord. They had his family, of course.”

“Of course.” Damian was silent, letting this new information sink in. “So Kate may have two sisters, or half sisters, then.”

“It would appear that way, my lord.”

“Okay. We need to locate these two other females. Kate said her parents mentioned that they’d dropped themselves off the adoption registry. Let’s see if we can take that angle and find the other two. See if the doctor can at least narrow down a time frame of when he thinks he dropped them off. Year, time of year? Shit, anything else would help. And pull out a fucking map so he can help narrow down the locations.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“And T, this stays between us. Do not tell the detective. I’ll talk to Rom and we’ll get more resources on this. We’ll wait to tell Dev and Kate when they return.”

“Of course, my lord.”

So, Xavier could only squirt female swimmers? Interesting. And Kate had possibly two other half siblings roaming about. What were they like? Were they from the same mother? Were they also dreamwalkers, or had they inherited their father’s demented genes? He needed to find them and quick.

His gut burned. It always did when he got a premonition. Unfortunately they weren’t always that clear or very specific…more like a feeling instead. But over the years, he’d learned to trust it. It had never failed him before.

They all thought Xavier already knew about Kate being his child. He had to when he bit her. Another reason he wanted Dev and Kate to get away. If Xavier did know, he’d be relentless in coming for her, and his soon-to-be-born grandchild.

And if he didn’t find these other females soon, Xavier would. Yes, his gut was on fire. This could turn into the biggest clusterfuck he’d ever been involved in and right quick.

He picked up the phone and called his friend, his mentor.

“Rom, it’s Damian. We’ve got a problem.”

~ The End ~