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By:L Wilder

“I think they’re ready,” Wyatt said, pulling me from my thoughts.

“Let’s get them off then,” I told him and headed for the grill. Excitement rolled off him as he used the spatula to take the meat off all by himself. When he was done, he proudly took the tray of burgers and placed it on the table. Then, he raced over to the counter to get our drinks, while I brought the fries over. Once everything was set, he shouted, “Mom!! It’s ready!”

“Griffin, can you come here a minute,” she called.

I stuck my head into the living room and found her standing there with her hands cradling her stomach while she stared down at the floor. I took a step forward, quickly noticing the pool of water at her feet. “Wren? What’s going on?”

She looked up at me and tried to remain calm as she said, “My water just broke.”

“Your water did what?” I was prepared for this moment. Did everything I could think of to make sure I knew what to expect, but the minute I realized she was in labor, my mind drew a blank.

“It just means the amniotic sac broke, remember? We read about it in that book Mom gave you. She’s in labor,” Wyatt interrupted. “The baby is coming. Right, Momma?”

“That’s right, buddy. In a few hours, you’ll get to meet your new sister,” she explained. How the hell could she be standing there seeming so fucking composed? The woman was in labor, the baby was coming, and she was standing there talking all calm and shit like there was nothing to it. I’d always been the one that was in control, prepared for anything, but at that moment, I felt like someone had stripped me of all my power, and I was helpless to do anything about it.

“Oh… and we need to call your grandparents and tell them to meet us at the hospital,” Wren explained.

“I’ll do it,” Wyatt told her as he headed to get his phone. Just before he left the room, he looked over to me and said, “Don’t forget to go get Momma’s bag and put it in the car.”

“Where’s the bag? Did you get everything packed?” I asked with panic.

Wren looked at me and with a soft voice said, “Come here.”

When I walked over to her, she placed her hands on my face and said, “In a few hours, you are going to be a daddy. You’re going to hold your precious, little girl in your arms, and the wait will be over. We’ll finally get to meet our daughter. I need you to take a deep breath and help me change out of these wet clothes, so we can go to the hospital.”

“And the bag?”

“Honey, you put it in the car days ago. Remember?” she teased.

“I did?”

When she nodded, I took her hand and helped her to the bedroom. As soon as she was changed, we all headed to the car. Even though I was a nervous wreck, Wren remained calm the entire way to the hospital. Wyatt sat in the backseat, spouting off facts about the delivery that I really didn’t need to hear. Wren rested her hand on my shoulder and whispered, “Breathe.”

After hours of watching Wren struggle through the pains of labor, our beautiful daughter was born. With Wyatt standing by my side, I held my Mia close to my chest, looking at her with complete awe. I felt as if my heart might burst inside my chest as I stared down at her. She had a full head of brown hair and little blue eyes like her brother. She was perfect, just like her mother had promised.

“It just keeps getting better. How is that possible?” I asked Wren.

“I don’t know, but it’s just going to keep getting better,” Wren whispered. “Trust me.”