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Step Bride: A Bad Boy Mob Roman(148)

By:B. B. Hamel

He pulled away after a second. I leaned my head against his chest, and he wrapped his arms around me tightly.

“I’m yours, you know that?” I said.

“Yeah, I know.”

“And I’m not going anywhere.”

“I’m not either.”

I pulled back and looked him in the eyes.

“Fresh start,” I said softly.

He nodded. “New people. We can be whoever we want to be.”

“That sounds really good.”

He kissed me again softly on the lips and then pulled away.

“Come on. Let’s go see my dungeon.”

I laughed. He began to walk ahead, and Petey ran to catch up. I watched them for a second, wondering where he was taking me. I had lost my job, maybe alienated my best friend, almost died, but none of it mattered, not anymore. It was all over. It was time for a fresh start.

I jogged to catch up with my two favorite men, unable to get the smile off of my face.