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By:J. B. Salsbury

Her hips thrust against me and I rip my mouth from hers. Ravenous for her taste, I slide down, sucking her swollen nipple and circling it with my tongue. Her back arches off the bed and the sound of her cries echoes off the A-frame walls of our newly added loft bedroom.

I scoot farther down her body, ravishing her with kisses until I’m between her legs. Her hands grip the comforter at her sides and her knees fall wide open in invitation. I take a second to appreciate her form, her body spread out like a buffet for my senses.

I run a firm hand up her inner thigh, pressing it to the bed to open her more. “You’re so beautiful.” Gliding my tongue up her thigh, I don’t hesitate before plunging it deep inside her. Her taste floods my mouth and I growl into her.

I’m lost to every sound that falls from her lips, every groan that vibrates her entire body, and every pinch of pain from her fingernails. It all shoots straight to my hard-on with a hunger that refuses to be ignored.

She whimpers when I pull away and drop beside her.

“Come here.” I reach over and scoop her up to guide her on top of me.

The second her legs spread wide over my hips, I almost lose myself to the wet heat that swallows me. She grips me and guides me to her, then sinks down slowly until we’re completely connected.

“I love you so much.” Tears still brim in her eyes as she braces herself with her palms pressed flat to my chest, then rolls her hips in waves.

The visual of her moving above me calls to me on a primal level and the sudden urge to have my tongue filling her mouth overtakes me.

I hook her behind the neck and bring her lips to mine. “You own me, Shy. Take what’s yours. Everything good in me, it’s all for you.”

“If that’s true . . .” Her forehead drops to mine on a long moan. “Let me have the bad too. I want it all.”

I’m panting, holding back the orgasm that’s about to blow through my body, but I grin. “Greedy.”

“For you? Always.”

We drop over the edge in unison, free-falling with our hearts hammering together behind the press of our bare chests.

What we have isn’t conventional, it wouldn’t be considered ideal, but it’s perfect for us.

Because love never discriminates.

Even when you’re split.