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Slap Shot(66)

By:Lily Harlem

“What are you doing?” I gasped.

“I like to see your red ass when I fuck you, remember?”

I whimpered my answer as he kissed my jawline then lifted me up onto all fours. My butt was smarting, one big throb, and my pussy quivering for penetration as his wide cock prodded at my entrance.

There was a pause in the music, the beat of drums strangely absent from the room. Voices filtered up to the window, laughter and chatter. People enjoying the party, swapping gossip, oblivious to the kinky goings-on above them.

The introduction to a new song blasted out and, as it did, Rick forged into me.

I cried out in delight and discomfort. His cock was so thick, so long, that taking it in one harsh thrust was an exquisite form of erotic torture. He sank to the hilt and his wiry pubes scratched at my tenderized backside as his fingers gripped my hipbones.

“Ah, yes, that’s it, your pussy always pulls me in, Dana.”

He began to thrust, in and out, over and over. Spirals of sensation consumed me as his cock glided over my G-spot in a wonderfully deep caress. My head fell down, my breaths were hard to catch. Being connected to Rick was my everything, giving and sharing pleasure with him the most brilliant experience I’d ever had.

His climax was close, I could tell by his grunts and the hardening of his cock.

“Come with me,” he groaned, dragging me harder onto his shaft and smoothing one hand down the cleft of my buttocks. “Dana, now, come, baby.”


His finger settled over my anus, exerted the smallest amount of pressure. “What? Tell me what you want, baby.”

“In my ass,” I panted, bracing my spine against his forceful thrusting. “My ass…again.”

He growled and delved one finger into my darkest hole. Filling me, stretching me, touching my secret place. Suddenly my world imploded in orgasmic ecstasy. My pussy clamped around him as did my butt, dragging him into my body as I gave myself up to Rick and all the new pleasures that being with him had brought into my world.

I was still independent, successful and the founder of Best Laid Plans but now, despite falling in love not being on my to-do list, I’d found someone to share my life with. Someone who I loved mind, body and soul, someone who allowed both bad and good Dana to live happily side by side.