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Slap Shot(6)

By:Lily Harlem

“Rick.” His name tore from my throat. Desire was a devil burning beneath my skin. “Rick, condom, now. Get inside me, properly.”

He moaned and stood straight, his fingers slipping from between my legs. Hastily I looped my panties off then watched, wide-eyed as he tugged down the zipper on his fly and released his cock.

Fuck. It isn’t just his hands that are enormous.

From a tangle of black curls rose the longest, thickest, most heavily veined cock I’d ever laid eyes on.

“Dana,” he said, his voice strangled. “Put it on for me.”

He handed me an open condom wrapper. Quickly I slipped the thin latex out and curved one hand around his hot shaft.

His breath hitched. He stilled.

I swept my fingers down to the root then up again, relishing the marble-hard surface and the satiny-soft skin. I slid my hand over his engorged, darkened head and skimmed the tip of my finger through his slit.

He hissed and every muscle in his body appeared to tense.

My god, could I really take this beast inside me?

He reached for my hand, which was still holding the wrapper. “Put it on,” he instructed through ragged breaths. “Hurry.”

“But? Will we…?”

“We’ll fit just fine,” he growled. “Never had any damn complaints in the past.”

Suddenly my fears thinned and my patience dissolved. Of course it would be fine. Like riding a bike. I could still do this. With dexterous moves I rolled the condom down his shaft. Glanced up and caught his gaze. It was stormy and glazed, possessed by the same basic desires that had harnessed me.

“You’re so damn small and sweet,” he whispered hoarsely as he spread over me again, pressing my back into the table and parting my legs farther with his thighs. “Which means you’re going to have to really relax, okay?”

“Yes, yes, please, now.”

As the engorged crest of his cock pushed up against my sopping entrance, his mouth took possession of mine. I gave as good as I got, kissing him with such urgency it was as though my life depended upon our joining. He entered me an inch and pain/pleasure tore through me as tender tissue parted for his wide head.

His groan was loud and guttural in my mouth. He curled his coccyx and claimed more of me. The pinch of pain burned this time and I cried out.

“Relax, honey,” he gasped. The desire in his voice washed over me—dark, soothing and sensuous. “Hold on to me if you need to. I’ve got you. It’s going to blow your mind, you just need to relax.”

He forged forward and wild, exquisite sensations filled my nerve endings. I moaned and it mixed with his deep, male groan. His entry was a painful but erotic experience that had my spine arching and my long nails clawing at his back. I wanted more in equal measure to wanting him to stop.

There was no way on this earth he was stopping.

He shoved his hips right up against me and his balls crashed against my butt and the head of his cock, I swear, nudged at my diaphragm, blasting the air from my lungs.

“Ah jeez, I’ve died and gone to heaven,” he groaned, palming my breast through my blouse. “You’re so damn tight.”

“Only ’cause you’re so damn big,” I panted. The feel of his cock stretching me and thrusting deeper had turned the pain into a brutal form of ecstasy.

“You’ll grow to love that about me,” he said, his teeth raking over my cheek and his soul patch scratching at my flesh.

“You reckon?” I gasped, sucking in his scent, now combined with the heady smell of my own arousal.

“Yeah, in about two seconds.”

He withdrew, almost all the way, then glided back in through my thick moisture, his pubic bone connecting wonderfully with my clit.

“Oh god, yes, yes, I love it, don’t stop,” I called out shamelessly. Why the hell had I denied myself all this time? “Rick, Rick.”

His throaty chuckle combined with a tortured groan filled my ears as he picked up the pace. His face rasped against mine and our bodies slammed together as he thrust his cock harder and faster, faster and harder. Spearing me and grinding up against my clit, sending vibrant, chaotic sensations ricocheting around my body.

The orgasm that claimed me was swift and furious. One second I was building up to it, the next I was over the edge. Adrenaline flooded my system, blood pounded through my ears. I locked my heels in the small of his back, rocking my clit against his concrete body mass even more firmly. Without warning, another orgasm crashed through me, surging upward and tearing me in a million different directions. I dragged my nails down his shoulders, vaguely aware of the harsh intake of breath it generated as he plunged, wilder and more animalistic than ever.