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Slap Shot(5)

By:Lily Harlem

He didn’t need asking twice.

I gasped as he crushed his lips to mine and slipped his tongue between my teeth with a challenging, ravenous urgency. I gripped the material of his shirt, parting my lips, my tongue chasing for his, tasting him, drawing in the sweet, malty, masculine flavor of his mouth.

He groaned and the sound vibrated from his chest into mine. We were pressed against each other, our bodies touching from our lips to our toes. The taste and feel of him was exquisite, like drowning in dark, forbidden sin. I realized that this was exactly what I wanted. Why the hell had I been resisting all this time? Or maybe I hadn’t, maybe I had just been waiting for him.

God, I wanted this man. I barely knew him but the need was like an all-powerful magnet, a gravitational force. Straining to get closer, to deepen the kiss, I reached high and locked my hands at his nape, pulled him nearer.

“Ah fuck, you taste divine. I knew you would,” he murmured, his lips leaving mine to explore my neck. “And you feel it too.” He slid his big hands down the silken material of my blouse, following the shape of my spine before cupping my rear. He tightened his hold, squeezing me up against the hard wedge of his erection—hot and thick, a solid weight of arousal beneath his suit pants thrusting into my stomach.

I gasped. His cock was so damn huge, so damn solid.

He tore his mouth from my neck. “You better tell me to leave right this fucking instant,” he said in a heavy, warning voice, “if you’re still adamant about not mixing business with pleasure, tell me to get the hell out of here…now.”

“Don’t you dare leave.” I grabbed for the side of his face, kissed him, bit at his bottom lip and tugged. It stretched toward me then I sank in my teeth, just a little.

The sharp nip seemed to send him beyond a point of control. He made a harsh growling sound and plunged his tongue back into my mouth as his fingers worked at my skirt, rucking the tight material upward until it was a band around my waist.

I began tearing at his shirt, fumbling fingers dragging the studs through the holes. My hunger, my impatience was wild and desperate and I didn’t know if it would ever be sated. But I was going to have a damn good try.

He shoved his thigh between my legs and the damp gusset of my panties made contact with his solid leg muscle. My hips began to grind, my desperate clit crying out for stimulation.

“Jeez, you’re a wild thing,” he said, finally ridding himself of his shirt.

I planted my hands on his hot chest. Coarse, dark hairs filled the gaps between my fingers. His lips slanted over mine again and there was a clatter as my clipboard, a pile of pencils and my mobile fell to the floor.

“Wait,” I said, fearing for my laptop.

For the briefest of moments his body left mine to move my laptop to the safety of the floor. I whimpered at the loss of our connection. I’d long since forgotten why I was supposed to be resisting, I was just going to take what I damn well could.

Between one breath and the next he had me up on the table, my back flat on the cool surface and my legs wrapped around his waist.

“How much do you want me to fuck you?” he growled, the hardness of his cock pressing through the thin, moisture-laden barrier of my panties and his eyes ablaze with need.

“Oh god, lots, fuck, yes, I want it lots, please.” Old Dana was well and truly back. “Just get a damn condom on and fuck me already.” I needed him so badly it was a force that was threatening to drive me insane.

I tangled my hands in his hair and gasped as his fingers slipped beneath the elastic of my panties.

“You’re dripping for me,” he murmured approvingly, parting the softly swollen folds of my sex.

I could feel myself dampening further at his touch. “Please, please.”

“Soon, since you asked so nicely.”

I gasped as he rode one thick finger into my entrance, stretching tissue unused to a male touch.

But instantly it wasn’t enough. I wanted more. Squirming, I thrust my pelvis down onto his finger and was rewarded with a thicker filling sensation as he added another. The heel of his palm caught on my clit, a wonderful pressure that radiated to every pore. The man’s enormous hands were a precious gift and thankfully he knew exactly how to use them.

Groaning, I reveled in the pleasure surging though me. But only for a few seconds, because then once again I wanted more. I wanted every touch he could give me, but I wanted to touch him too. Drive him crazy the way he was me.

I slipped my arms between our bodies, my thighs falling outward wantonly, my red heels balanced on the very edge of the table. It briefly went through my mind that my reputation would be more than sullied if someone walked into my office right now, but recklessly the thought flitted away as my palm came into contact with one damn fine erection.