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By´╝ÜOlivia Cunning

“We have guests,” Owen said to Shade as he led Lindsey past him. “Make yourself presentable.”

“Fucking untie me,” Shade demanded, straining bulging muscles against the intricately crisscrossed strands of lights. A garland rope bound his arms together from wrist to elbow.

“Don’t you dare untie him,” some man she didn’t recognize said from the kitchen area. He was scooping hot chocolate mix into over half-a-dozen mugs. “He needs to get his sense of humor back. That bitch, Tina, sure did a number on him.”

“Un-fucking-tie me,” Shade growled between clenched teeth.

“Oh my,” Vanessa said from the bus entryway. “Heavens.”

She probably thought seeing Shade tied to a chair was hot regardless of the flashing multicolored lights and the slightly askew star on his head.

Owen paused at the end of the corridor and opened an oddly narrow door. He pulled out a towel and handed it to Lindsey. She patted at the melting snow around her neck. It was starting to melt and trickle down between her breasts, but the chill had nothing to do with how hard her nipples were. The musky, sweet scent of Owen’s cologne and the ornery look in his blue eyes was one hundred percent responsible for that.

A hand settled at the base of her spine and she didn’t have to look over her shoulder to know Kellen was standing directly behind her. That gentle, but commanding touch was one hundred percent responsible for the pulsating throb in her panties.

“Would you like to change your sweater?” Kellen’s deep, quiet voice made Lindsey’s eyelids flutter.

She’d like to rip her sweater off and light it on fire was what she’d like to do. That would ensure she’d have a good excuse to be half naked in the presence of strangers. Except they didn’t feel like strangers. She felt as if she knew the entire band. And she definitely wanted to get to know them better. Especially the man directly in front of her and the one behind her, who made her feel like the giddiest piece of cheese to be melted between two hot pieces of toasted bread.

“Lindsey?” Kellen’s voice brought her out of her fantasy.

And he knew her name. Squeeee! “Um, yeah,” she said, hoping her voice didn’t belay her enthusiasm to get naked. “Do you have something I can change into?” Nothing, for example.

Owen opened a door at the end of the corridor and entered a bedroom. Lindsey followed him without hesitation. When the door closed behind her, she didn’t need to turn around to know Kellen had entered the room too. She could feel his presence behind her.

“You were following us, weren’t you?” Owen asked.

Her face flamed. She supposed it was pretty obvious. “My friend Vanessa and I were at the benefit concert and we ended up behind your bus. When we saw you pull over we thought maybe we could meet you.” It wasn’t a lie.

“And how did you imagine that meeting would go?” Kellen asked. Dear lord, the man had a delicious voice. He was nice to look at too, but the mere timber of his voice was enough to separate her from her panties. She just wanted to obey him, even though he hadn’t asked her to do anything.

“Well I didn’t think I was going to get attacked with snowballs,” she said and laughed. Her laughter died when Kellen’s hard body brushed against her from behind. Her breath stalled in her throat and her eyelids fluttered closed. Her body naturally leaned against his. He was so solid. Hard. His skin cool. And she felt the huge ridge of his arousal against her ass. Oh dear God.

“Kelly has a thing for your type,” Owen said.

“Yes, I do,” Kellen’s warm breath stirred a few damp strands of hair against her ear and her knees went weak.

One of Kellen’s strong hands splayed over her belly to keep her from sliding to the floor.

“What do you want to do to her, Kelly?”

“I want to tie her down and eat her pussy. After I’m finished and she doesn’t think it’s possible to come another time, I want to watch you fuck her, Owen, and prove her wrong.” His hand slid up her ribcage, stopping just short of cupping her breast. “Is that what you had in mind when you followed us up the mountain, Lindsey?”

She tried to draw air, but she was so lightheaded, her brain wasn’t functioning correctly. Did he just say that? Or was she suffering from hypothermia in her car and hallucinating? That bulge against her ass felt real enough.

Kellen nipped her ear and her entire body jerked. “Answer my question.”

She opened her eyes. Owen was gnawing on his bottom lip awaiting her answer.

“No,” she whispered, her voice trembling.

Owen scrunched his face in disappointment and then glanced over her head to look at Kellen. Kellen took a step back and Lindsey reached behind her to tug him against her again.