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By´╝ÜOlivia Cunning

A barrage of snow balls walloped Lindsey in the face, neck and chest, catching her so off-guard that she just stood there and took every last one of them at full force.

“Oh shit,” someone said. “Why did you duck, Kelly?”

A very large, wonderfully strong hand began to brush snow out of her face. “Are you okay?”

She was suddenly looking up into the gorgeous, strong-featured face of Kellen Jamison. “I am now,” she whispered.

Chapter Four

Kellen winced at the welt under the attractive young woman’s right eye. “That had to hurt,” he said, gently rubbing the mark with his thumb.

“Um,” she said.

He smiled. He could tell she knew who he was. She had that star-struck look on her face he knew so well. “I’m Kellen,” he said.


“And you would be?” She had the biggest blue eyes he’d ever encountered. He was a sucker for that wide-eyed innocent look and if her eyes got any wider, they’d likely fall right out of her head.

“Um.” She blinked and then scowled as if suffering from amnesia.

“Lindsey!” another woman ran over and began to fling snow from Lindsey’s sweater. It hit Kellen in the chest, but she didn’t seem to notice. “Oh my God, girl, what were you thinking? You could have been killed.”

“I don’t think snowballs are lethal,” Kellen said. The look Lindsey’s friend gave him could have melted the snow off the entire mountain.

“What kind of crazy person pelts a poor, defenseless woman with snowballs?” the woman said, flinging snow from Lindsey’s chest like a weapon now.

Defenseless? The only thing that got Kellen’s blood pumping hotter than that big-eyed innocent look was a defenseless woman. Tied down. Spread wide. Pussy open and exposed for him to feast upon. Kellen’s mouth went dry as images of their guest spread across the tour bus bed entered his thoughts mind. Would her eyes get wider when she came or would she squeeze them closed? Damn, he hadn’t been the least bit horny two minutes ago and now his cock was fully erect and straining against his zipper.

It couldn’t be helped. Lindsey was exactly his type.

Merry Christmas to me.

Owen jogged over and assisted Lindsey’s hot-tempered friend in cleaning the snow off of his accidental target. Rather than this helping Lindsey, Owen’s hands on her made her shake uncontrollably.

“You must be freezing,” he said. “Do you want to come inside and get dried off? We have towels. And I think we have hot chocolate.” Owen turned toward the open bus door. “Tex! Make some fucking hot chocolate!”

Lindsey’s friend nodded toward the car behind the bus. “We should probably get—” Her words were halted when Lindsey covered the woman’s mouth with one hand.

“Yes, thank you,” Lindsey said. “I’m liable to freeze to death if I don’t get out of this wet sweater.” Lindsey glanced back at the small car. Besides the spot of emerald green on the hood over the hot engine, the entire car was already white with a coating of snow. “And I don’t think it’s safe to drive in this weather.”

She blinked up at Kellen, snowflakes clinging to her long lashes and Kellen decided he would have ripped the engine out of her car and tossed it off a cliff to keep her from leaving. And if she wanted Owen, well, he never had a problem with sharing. As long as he got to eat out the juicy delight between her thighs before Owen got down to business, Kellen would be satisfied. He just wanted to taste her. Every woman tasted different and he was a connoisseur of pussy. He couldn’t get enough. He could lick it and suck it and kiss it and nibble on it for hours. Or until she begged for mercy.

Owen took Lindsey by the hand and yanked her toward the bus, breaking the spell she had over Kellen. “Let’s go get you warmed up,” Owen said.

“Yes,” Kellen murmured to himself. “Let’s do that.”

Chapter Five

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. Those were the only words that were capable of echoing through Lindsey’s mind at the moment. She was really here. Oh God. And Kellen really had touched her cheek and looked at her as if he wanted to fuck her brains out. Oh God. And Owen really was holding her hand and leading her up the stairs of Sole Regret’s tour bus. Oh God. And Shade really was tied to a recliner, flashing with multicolored lights, and looking out of sorts. “Oh God!” she yelled and burst out laughing. Lindsey covered her mouth with one hand as she tried to comprehend what she was seeing. Well, whoever had turned Shade Silverton into a shidari bondage tree was one hundred percent hilarious. And the pair of blue Christmas balls hanging at crotch level? Priceless.