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By´╝ÜOlivia Cunning

Vanessa chuckled. “Bullshit, girl. You want to bone them.”

Lindsey bit her lip. “Yeah, I do—all five of them—but just meeting them will be orgasmic enough.”

Her engine roared as her front tires lost their grip and spun in the slick, wet snow. The car skidded slightly, before finding a better patch of pavement and righting itself.

Vanessa was clinging to the dashboard with long red nails. “Girl, you and your horny vagina are gonna get us both killed.”

“It’s fine,” Lindsey said and laughed. “Well the car is fine. The vagina is still horny. God, those guys were hot on stage.” She shuddered at the mere memory of their blatant sexuality. Just watching them perform made her wet and achy between her legs.

“That ain’t no lie,” Vanessa said. “Too bad they’s all white boys.”

“Once you go white, you think it’s all right.” She shrugged.

Vanessa laughed. “Girl, you are too much.”

“You know you love me,” Lindsey said. They’d been best friends since elementary school and twenty years later, still did everything together. Well, almost everything.

“You’re lucky I don’t jack your car and get us off this damned mountain,” Vanessa said.

“You are all talk, Nessi. You know you want to meet them too.”

“Maybe a little.” Lindsey could hear the smile in Vanessa’s voice. They liked to tease each other and pretend they were as different in attitude as they were in looks, but they really did have almost everything in common—including their taste in music and men.

The right blinker on the bus ahead began to flash. Lindsey saw the sign for a scenic turn out and turned on her blinker to follow them. Finally, her chance. Assuming they didn’t think she was bat shit crazy for following them over seventy miles through a blizzard and falling at their feet to dry hump their legs.

The bus pulled to a stop and Lindsey parked behind it. She left the car running, the wipers working extra hard to keep the fluffy white flakes off the windshield. Lindsey’s heart thudded faster and faster at the thought of getting out of her car, knocking on the tour bus door, and offering her body to anyone who would have it.

“You’re going to chicken out, aren’t you?” Vanessa said.

“No, I’m just thinking about how to approach them.”

She could barely make out Vanessa’s rolling eyes in glow of the dash lights. “Whatever. You say I’m all talk. You might think you’ve got the guts to raid their tour bus for cock, but sweetie, I know you. You ain’t a ho.”

“I’m three times the ho you are, beotch.”

Vanessa sniggered. “So what you’re saying is you’re a ho ho ho?”

Lindsey laughed. “Yeah, when it comes to any member of Sole Regret I’m a ho ho ho.” Once she got tickled she couldn’t stop laughing for several minutes. She had to wipe tears out of her eyes with her thumbs. “God, we’re corny. No wonder we can’t snag decent boyfriends.”

“What are they doing?” Vanessa asked, her attention now outside the car.

Lindsey’s head swiveled and her heart almost stopped. The band’s bassist, Owen had just launched himself out of the open bus door and onto the back of rhythm guitarist, Kellen. Kellen, who was inexplicably shirtless in a snow storm, flipped him into a snow bank and scooped up a handful of snow. He began to pack the fluffy flakes into a large ball. Owen retrieved his Santa hat from the snow and dove for cover behind the front of the bus. A battery of snow balls flew from Owen’s hiding place and pummeled Kellen in the chest.

She caught a glimpse of a red and black mohawk just above Owen’s hat.

“Gabe too?”

“Adam is sneaking around back,” Vanessa said, pointing at the dark shadow at the rear corner of the bus. “The only one missing is the hottest of the bunch.”


“I’m sure he’s too cool for this childish bullshit.” Vanessa opened her car door. “All right, chicken shit, you brought us all the way up here to make complete asses out of ourselves, we might as well go talk to them.”

“What? Wait! We don’t have to. Let’s just go home.”

But Vanessa had already climbed out of the car and had closed the door. Lindsey took a deep breath, shut off her car, pocketed the keys and then surged into the uncharted snowstorm. Vanessa always gave her courage. With Vanessa at her side, Lindsey could have slain dragons, swam the Mediterranean Sea, or even talked to a rock star.

Vanessa was already shaking hands with the lead guitarist of the band, Adam. He’d been the closest target, but Lindsey really wanted Owen. Or Kellen. Or Owen and Kellen. So she headed into the epic snowball battle. Heart thundering in her chest, stomach a bit queasy, knees quaking, Lindsey stepped up behind Kellen and was about to tap him on the shoulder which was decorated with an amazingly realistic tattoo of a rearing black stallion, when he suddenly ducked. Fast—like ninja.