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Share Me(2)

By´╝ÜOlivia Cunning

“Now that man makes my pussy quake,” Vanessa said, her eyes glued to Shade, who completed dominated the stage in his unquestionable self-confidence. “I just want to…”

“Suck him off?”

Vanessa laughed. “Oh yeah. I’m on my knees already.”

The rhythm guitarist, Kellen Jamison, was whispering into Owen’s ear. They were both laughing at their lead singer and lead guitarist who seemed to be competing for crowd adulation. Lindsey worshipped the entire band. They didn’t need to fight for her attention. But those two—Owen and Kellen—made her entire body hum with pent up desire.

Where Owen had light eyes and hair, Kellen was a bronze god with shoulder length black hair and almost black eyes that could stare a person into a coma. She praised all deities that the man never wore a shirt on stage. His long, lean body was filled out perfectly with tight muscles beneath taut, tanned skin. Tattoos decorated both arms in colorful sleeves. There was an intensity about Kellen Jamison that she couldn’t ignore. She doubted any woman could ignore it. And when he and Owen stood side-by-side, there was nothing more inspiring on the planet. That’s why the pair of them were at the top of her fuck-it list. She and Vanessa had constructed their fuck-it lists a few months before when complaining about their concurrent lack of boyfriends.

The list was comprised of the three men on the planet she most wanted to fuck and if given the opportunity she was given a free pass to slut it up. It didn’t matter if she was currently involved in a relationship, married, eight months pregnant, or had become a cloistered nun. If the man in question was on her fuck-it list, it didn’t count against her. Vanessa said so and her friend had never steered her wrong. Much.

Number one on Lindsey’s list was Owen Mitchell, and number two was standing right beside him vying for the top position, Kellen Jamison. Luckily, Lindsey wasn’t in a relationship or pregnant. And her current sexual dry spell might make her feel like a nun some days, but she hadn’t taken vows of chastity. If only she could get close to them. Gain their attention. Offer her body willingly. Then maybe she could have at least one of the three men who made her drool like a recent root-canal-recipient.

In the middle of the song, the lead guitarist of the band, Adam Taylor, moved to the front of the stage to play the solo. His dark hair was thick and cut in a shaggy style that drew attention to his face. He had the most sensual lips Lindsey had ever seen on a man. And a collection of chains around his neck and at his hip that she wouldn’t mind getting tangled up in. Adam’s lightning-fast fingers flew over electric guitar strings, churning up images of fingertips brushing against Lindsey’s highly attentive body parts. He was about to kick David Beckham from the number three spot of her fuck-it list. Unless Shade wanted the honor.

“God, I’m so horny,” Lindsey growled under her breath.

“I can help you out with that,” Joe, who worked at her office, said in her ear.

It was like a cold bucket of water over her head. He hadn’t been sitting beside her at the start of the concert. He must have weaseled his way through the standing crowd when she hadn’t been paying attention. Lindsey shoved him out of her personal space and changed places with Vanessa so she’d have a best friend buffer that no man was likely to cross. The look Vanessa gave Joe—her dark eyes wide, eyebrows threatening her hair line, lips pursed in a harsh line—had him staring at his shoes and running a finger under her collar.

“That’s what I thought,” Vanessa said and churned her neck for added affect. “Lindsey done told you she wasn’t interested. Bye now.”

Lindsey had told him. Many times. She’d thought he’d finally given up. Joe hadn’t bothered her in weeks. She must be flinging out pheromones like a bitch a heat or something. It wasn’t as if she could help it. The members of Sole Regret lit her on fire, but she’d rather sate her lust with her battery operated boyfriend than with Joseph Bainbridge. She was so not attracted to him and never would be. There was nothing wrong with him, but there was nothing right about him either.

Joe sidled away and Lindsey returned her attention to the stage. The song came to an end and the crowd cheered, the riotous noise echoing through the auditorium like waves of an angry sea. Shade moved to the center of the stage and spoke to the audience.

“Thanks for coming to our benefit concert on this cold Christmas eve.”

The crowd cheered.

“Ellie Carlisle wanted to be here tonight to thank you for helping her family out with her medical expenses. Unfortunately, after a strong dose of radiation therapy yesterday, they wouldn’t clear her to leave the hospital. So tonight she’s getting a lot of rest so she can wake up tomorrow and see what Santa brings a perfect angel for Christmas.”