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Safeword: Storm Clouds(67)

By´╝ÜCandace Blevins

Ranger moved to town and Abbot gave the okay for them to tell him about vampires about a week after he'd settled in. Ranger and Kendra managed to become friends and become comfortable with each other, which was a huge relief to Kendra. It also turned out Ranger was a Dom and he and Eric had tag teamed with each other in the past. Kendra made it clear she wasn't comfortable with that and Eric said he wasn't interested in sharing her, so not to worry. Ranger did find it a bit shocking that Kendra and Eric had a switch relationship, he hadn't thought Eric was wired that way, to which Eric responded, "Yeah, neither did I."

Eric asked some questions about what it was like to be turned, whether it hurt, how long it took to get control of the vampire powers. Kendra answered most of his questions but made it clear that she would not even consider turning him until he'd reached his twenty-eighth birthday, which was still years away. Eric was okay with that, he wasn't in a hurry to say goodbye to the sun, but at the same time, he began to think that at some point losing the sun would be worth the other things he would gain. They did make an agreement that if he was at the point of death, or was going to die, that it was okay if she turned him under those circumstances. Whether it be next week or next year, he didn't want to die without her at least trying to turn him. They went to Abbot with their decision, and after a lengthy discussion between Abbot and Eric, Abbot gave Kendra permission to turn him should Eric ever be at death’s door by accident.

In the meantime, they spent most of their time together, balancing it between his yacht and the coterie house. His new vampire game was in the testing stages and it was poised to become a huge hit when it hit the market. He'd even brought it to the coterie house to let the vampires help test it, they got a huge kick out of it and some of them were getting addicted to video games.

Kendra didn't know where she and Eric were headed for sure, but she knew she loved him as she had not loved anyone in a very long time. She thought that, should he one day want her to turn him, they might make it well beyond that five hundred year mark of marriage that so few vampire couples managed to reach.

The End