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Safeword: Storm Clouds(4)

By´╝ÜCandace Blevins

Kendra hadn't intended to feed from anyone tonight. She wanted to form some kind of attachment first or it was only marginally better than bagged blood. But this man was so alive. She was tempted to get a taste of him tonight even without forming an attachment. But, she didn't want to have to make him forget anything, which also meant she couldn't actually tell him there wasn't much danger to either of them in hang gliding at night since Kendra could fly. They'd just be doing it for the rush, for the feel of the night whooshing by them as they flew like birds on the wind. When Kendra took to the skies it was a magical thing, a metaphysical thing - wind wasn't really necessary. She'd love to soar in a hang glider and have the feeling of maneuvering through the air, using the wind to stay aloft. Since she couldn't assure him there would be no danger, she said, "Like you said, you just met me. All I can do is tell you that I don't have a death wish, there really isn't any way for me to prove it to you. I can tell you I'd love to feel the rush of the wind on my face, the feel of soaring through the night sky, but I guess there is no way for you to know I'm speaking truth."

He studied her eyes, then said, "You work here?"

She shrugged one shoulder. "Not exactly. There are a dozen or so clubs and restaurants in town that I help manage, as a group."

"And I just happened to catch your eye?"

"Yeah. You're, I don't know. Alive. Comfortable in your skin. I could feel your energy from across the room."

He was quiet again, considering, then seemed to make up his mind. "Alright Kendra. I'll take you on a night flight, but not tonight. I've got rappelling gear for two in my car. You want an adrenaline rush tonight you'll have to live with doing it in a harness hanging off the side of a mountain."

Her heart did a little flip flop, which was ridiculous, but she didn't argue with it. "Deal. Do we leave now or do you need to spend some more time with your friends?"

"We were drawing things to a close. They'll be thrilled to see me leave with a woman."

"Let me grab my purse from the office, I'll be back in a few minutes."

Chapter Two

Eric said she'd need to be in loose jeans and athletic shoes so they decided to drop by her house so she could change clothes and leave her car there. They would ride to the rappelling spot together in his Land Rover. Eric had jeans on and said he had shoes to change into in the back of the Land Rover.

Kendra lived in a house inhabited by a bunch of vampires. A very large house, close to nine thousand square feet, not including the shelter areas built under the yard that were in place for an emergency. She couldn't take him to her private rooms in the house without a bunch of questions since there were several security doors to pass through to make it to the basement living quarters. Needless to say, vampires are pretty cautious about their daytime resting spot. Her living quarters were quite luxurious, but hard to explain. She called the house from her car to tell them she was bringing a human home long enough for her to change clothes and they should make sure there was nothing out that screamed vampire. She told them she'd leave Eric on the main level to talk to them while she ran downstairs to change, and threatened them to be nice. Lucky for her, everyone currently at the house except for Gavin had to listen to her, and Gavin would be nice just because he was that kind of guy. Gavin was Abbot's second in command and he lived there as well. Abbot didn't live in the house, though he kept a room there so he could stay when he needed or wanted to.

When they arrived only Gavin and Fawne were on the main level. She guessed that Gavin had ran them all away from the main floor until her guest was gone so she wouldn't have to answer so many questions about why so many people lived there. Kendra made introductions and ran downstairs to change. She didn't take long with her super vampire speed so she was back upstairs in jeans and fashionable micro-fleece top and athletic shoes with her hair pulled back out of her face in less than five minutes. She figured if she was too fast it would arouse his suspicions, too.

When she came back up Eric looked impressed. “That was quick, I didn't even have a chance to talk to your friends."

She grinned. “Yeah, that was kind of the idea".

Gavin looked at her. "You'll be back tonight?"

"Yes. If I'm not back by dawn send a search party."

That was a joke since the vampires all pretty much died at dawn whether they wanted to or not, and there would be no vampires awake to search after dawn. However, it let him know that she intended to come home tonight. More importantly, it would also give her an excuse if Eric wanted her to stay with him longer than she could. Sometimes she felt like Cinderella, needing to be home before sunrise not because her coach would turn into a pumpkin, but because she would turn into a corpse.