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By:Sam Crescent

He chuckled. “I know. Everything seemed easier back then, more certain.” He leaned down, kissing her exposed neck.

She shuddered, leaning back against him. “I can’t help but think this is going to be a disaster. There’s no way someone comes away unscathed from whatever this asshole has planned. I mean, Butch, he’s lost that doctor who took care of him. Pussy and the crew lost Ashley. Who else are we going to lose?”

“Don’t think about it like that?” Tiny said, banding an arm around her waist.

“How can I not think about it like that? People are dying. Girls are being sold like cattle. They’re forced to fuck men for money, and I don’t know if I can let it go on. We know it’s going on, Tiny. We’re helping it when we should be stopping it. I’d hate for Tabitha to be exposed to anything like this or any girl for that matter.”

He tightened his grip on her shoulder. “There’s not a lot we can do about it, baby. We got to stay alive.”

Eva let out a sob, but he saw no tears fall down her face. “It’s hard. I look at Tabitha, and I see that monster who could be in our lives when she grows up.”

Tiny tensed at the image she filled his mind with. Between Eva and Devil, his mind had been filled with images he didn’t want to have. He didn’t need this shit. “You’ve got to stop thinking like that, baby. Nothing is going to happen. I promise. I will do everything in my power to keep you, the kids, and the club safe.”

She glanced up at him and smiled. “You’re a sweetheart, but you shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep.” She tapped his hand, smiling. “You need a ride to get Lash and Angel?”

“How did you know?” he asked.

“I can smell your breath. I wouldn’t risk it either.” She tucked some hair behind her ear and stood. “Come on, let’s leave these to Tate, and we can go together to get your boy.”


Eva glanced toward Tiny, who was resting his head in his hand. The stress he was under was starting to scare her, and she regretted slapping his face earlier. She understood his fears. They were hers as well, but he had to see past it all. Gonzalez could do more than take the club away. If they weren’t careful, he was going to take Tiny away. For the past few nights she’d been watching Tiny sleep seeing the worry even when he was dreaming. He’d not been the same since Butch had left and then come back, only Butch hadn’t come back, not really. They all needed to take a vote before Tiny would allow Butch back into the fold.

“I can hear you thinking all the way over here,” he said, turning to smile at her.

She chuckled. “I’m just thinking about Butch. Maybe after tonight he’ll be voted back in and life can go back to some kind of normalcy. A club divided is dangerous, but a club that’s whole is unstoppable.”

“I’m hoping the same thing. At the moment we’re counting on Gonzalez not knowing the truth about Butch. He believes we blackmailed him to get what we want. We’re going to leave him believing that until the times right.” Tiny let out a sigh, shuffling in his seat. “The hope is for us to get inside Gonzalez’s head without him knowing. Whizz is handling the hacking and shit.”

“Do you think that’s a good idea? I mean, Butch dealing with this kind of stuff. It was his club that Gonzalez’s father took out all those years ago. He didn’t give away much of what happened, and we only know no one survived other than Butch.” She turned down a street getting closer to the airport. The drive was well over an hour away. Eva usually hated driving, but with Gonzalez’s involvement with The Skulls, she’d started doing it more and more. Not many of the cops pulled her over, but she’d been in the car when they did pull Tiny over. They made his life a misery just to get from one place to another. She never thought in all of her life that she’d be so afraid to live in Fort Wills.

She couldn’t even go back to her dad or take the kids with her. Another of Gonzalez’s requests was that no one leave the clubhouse and that they all stayed around. She talked to her dad over the phone, and he wired them all money. Tiny was going to pay him back, but Ned just wanted Gonzalez in the ground. Her own father wasn’t allowed to pay them a visit from Vegas. Gonzalez held all the power while they were merely puppets for him to play with. Ned was angry at Tiny. She kept trying to talk to her father but he wasn’t having her defend Tiny while they were talking. He didn’t want to know anything about the club or Tiny, only about her and the kids. They were trapped because of the powers of one man.