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By:Sam Crescent

“We can’t take anyone out of town. Gonzalez has his men all over the place. None of us leave, but we can set up a safe house for us all,” Tiny said, staring at Devil. He saw his men looking tired of it all. “I know what you’re all are going through. My daughter was in a fucking coma because I hit out at this shit. Next time it might not be a fucking coma, it could be death.”

He was tired of fighting this shit. “I’m asking for you to trust me. We can keep them safe.”

“Where?” Devil asked.

“We stay in Fort Wills. The old warehouse where Nash went through his recovery and that we’ve converted it to a gym of some kind. We’ve been sorting that place out for us to work through. Every chance we had, some shit happened that pulled us away from it,” Tiny said, glancing around at his men.

Nash nodded. “That would do. We could work with that. The warehouse would be the perfect place to keep the women safe. They don’t have to stay here, and we’re still in town, but the warehouse is locked up tight. It’s safer than a fucking bank with Whizz controlling everything.”

“It still leaves us open to an attack,” Zero said.

“But it doesn’t put us at risk. The women will move to the warehouse, so they won’t leave the town. It’s a win-win,” Butch said, speaking up.

Butch had yet to be voted in, which Tiny was hoping to get done within the next couple of days. There was no way he was allowing Butch back in unless he proved himself. Lash and Angel were due back this afternoon. Once shit settled down, the club was going to vote on letting Butch back in, and then they could truly deal with Gonzalez.

“We’re all in agreement. We celebrate the weddings, and then we put the women in lockdown at the warehouse. Once that’s out of the way we can deal with Gonzalez.”

“I’ve got to collect the rest of my club, Tiny. We’re not going back to Piston County until we know what’s going on,” Devil said. “They’re at risk there, and I’m not going to put any of my men at risk.”

“Fine, do whatever you need to do. We’ll work together as a club, but when Gonzalez is gone, you’re out of here.” There was only so much time two MC clubs could work properly together. If they weren’t careful, the closely guarded relationship between The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds would shatter the longer they spent together. He and Devil were two different people, and they had different rules that they abided by.

“What should we call ourselves?” Pussy asked. “The Bleeds or Chaos Skulls? Maybe even The Skulls Bleeds.”

Rolling his eyes, Tiny turned away. Out of all of the men, Pussy was still the joker. Considering he was getting hitched to a blind girl, Tiny would have thought Pussy would grow up. It hadn’t happened. Pussy was as big a clown now as he’d always been. Sasha kept him in line to a point. How they were going to get on, Tiny didn’t know, and it wasn’t any of his business. Pussy and his woman were Devil’s problem, not his.

“Shut the fuck up,” Devil said, leading the way out of the room. One by one his men and those of the Chaos Bleeds crew left the room. Running a hand down his face, Tiny tried to clear his thoughts. Nothing was happening, and his thoughts were still as chaotic as before. Gonzalez was a big problem, one he couldn’t solve on his own.

“Are you all right?” Eva asked.

Opening his eyes, he saw his wife with her arms folded, leaning against the wall. “Yeah, I’m okay.”

“You don’t look it.” She tilted her head to the side, seeing past his bullshit. No matter what he said, Eva always saw deep inside his soul. She was his other half, his soul mate, and the reason he was shit scared of Gonzalez taking her away from him.

“Shit’s going down all around, and I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.” He opted for the truth.

She walked into the room, closing the door behind her. They were alone, in private where no one could get them. “You’re not supposed to be doing this alone. This wasn’t our fight, Tiny, but we’ve been dragged in. You’re not alone in this. Devil’s part of it—his crew, our crew, we’re all part of it.”

Rounding the desk, he leaned against it, opening his arms for her. Without a second’s hesitation, she went to his embrace like she always did. He inhaled her feminine scent, finding her softness relaxed him. With Eva in his arms, he could think clearly. She was his reason for getting shit done.

“I love you, baby.”

“I don’t doubt your love. I worry about you. There’s only so much shit you can take. Don’t take it all on board now.” She stared up at him, stroking his chest. “You can come to me. I’m your woman, Tiny. This club is as much as mine as it is yours. My father will also help you.” Her father would help Eva and his grandchildren, and Tiny was just part of the mix. Ned Walker put up with him because Eva loved him, no other reason.