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By:Sam Crescent

Devil took a step toward him. “You want to be pissed at me for lashing out at Gonzalez, fine. He called one of mine, Tiny. Ashley may have been a club whore, but she wasn’t just a piece of ass, she was part of us.” Pussy and the rest of the Chaos Bleeds crew threw their cheers in to agree. “Now, you can be pissed at me for that or for the last order that came through from Gonzalez, which was for us to transfer over one hundred fucking girls to be put to work. Those girls were exactly that. I don’t care what bitches do when they’re of age, but until then, it’s my business to make sure I don’t fuck up. Fucking look at it without all the fucking fear, Tiny. Gonzalez wanted us to take young girls, fourteen-year-olds with no hope of a future and let any dirty fucker touch them, rape them. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says, it’s fucking rape.”

Tiny gritted his teeth at the visual being thrust upon him. He couldn’t back away when Devil got up into his face. There was no hope for any of them if he lost his shit. Everything Devil said was the truth, and knowing it, made Tiny sick inside. He had two daughters of his own. The very thought of something like that happening to Tate or Tabitha was like a punch to the gut.

“You’ve got a three year old daughter, Tiny. You want to start that shit with a kid, think about her when she grows up.” Devil voiced his very thoughts.

Tabitha and Miles were the twins Eva had given to him and were the light of his life. He’d never been so happy in his life until he finally claimed Eva for his own. The daughter of a fighter, Eva rarely took any kind of shit. Fuck, he loved that woman way more than he loved the club at times. If anyone threatened them, his family, the person ended up six feet under.

“No, I wouldn’t let that happen,” he said.

“The next generation are coming, Tiny. They’re right on us, and we’re going to hand them down our legacy. All of us, not just the two of us have something to pass onto our kids. Do you want them eating out of Gonzalez’s hand? I know my Simon is not going to be taking this shit. I will not have this become what The Darkness wanted. Fuck, Snitch would be loving every second of this. He’d be using the girls like they were his own. We fought to put a stop to this before. I’m not going to stop now. Gonzalez means war, and I’m going to give him one.” Devil stepped back, holding his hand up. “Chaos Bleeds does not accept shit. We throw shit back. What I did with his warehouse is simple payback.”

“He took Ashley from us. We deserve payback,” Pussy said, growling.

They were all in Fort Wills to celebrate Cheryl and Butch along with Pussy and Sasha’s coming wedding. Both clubs were using the event to deal with the main problem they all faced, Gonzalez, the drug dealing pimp, who happened to be big over in Europe and was working his way through their towns and further. At least, Gonzalez had been big until he decided to take on America. Whizz had found out some startling revelations that could tear Gonzalez’s operation apart. It seemed his absence over in Europe had created some waves with other crime lords, who’d decided to swoop in and take over. All of the deals Gonzalez had now only involved people in America. Everyone had severed ties and connections with Gonzalez. This could be the one thing they needed to finally draw Gonzalez to his knees. Tiny wasn’t ready to share any news he had with Devil. The leader of the Chaos Bleeds crew could end up reacting prematurely and ruining every chance they had of taking Gonzalez down. Tiny knew he needed to take his time and not screw this up.

“He took something from everyone—”

“But he hasn’t killed one of your team,” Pussy said, interrupting him. “He’s taken from us, and he did it because he could. You don’t know what it feels like.”

There was no argument for that. “I know and I’m sorry, but starting a fucking war with this piece of shit is not the answer at least, not now.” Tiny glared at all of the Chaos Bleeds men. “There’s a time and a place to take revenge.”

“Dude’s got a point,” Steven said, speaking up. “We’re fucking lapdogs, and this fucker is only going to get worse. Ashley was the beginning. He’s going to go after others, and if we’re not careful, he’ll kill all of us and get what he wants. We need to put a stop to this.”

Blaine cleared his throat. He’d been shot some months back but was fully recovered thanks to his woman and little girl, Emily and Darcy. “I’ve got to get my girls out of dodge if shit is going down. I can’t risk them. It has taken too much to get them back, and we’ve already had a lot of shit to handle.”