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By:Sam Crescent

Since Gonzalez’s death, the town was back in working order. There were no more threats, and the club was doing its best to set the town back up for people to work. One of the girls who didn’t have a family but had been sent to Gonzalez was working at the club. She had nowhere else to go and was too old to go into care at nineteen. He didn’t know much about her other than the fact she was a pretty little thing.

She had curves in all the right places, but again, he didn’t know how far Gonzalez had gotten his claws into her.

Sitting at the bar, Death watched the girl behind the counter as she served beer to the men. Her red hair caught the light, making him wonder if she was a natural redhead between her thighs.

Brianna her name was, or at least that’s what she told them all.

“Hey, beautiful, pour me a drink,” he said.

In all the months since Brianna had been working for them, Death made sure he wasn’t alone with her or put in any position where he could be vulnerable. It was a lame ass excuse, but Death wasn’t into making a commitment, nor was he into a woman so young. She was easily fifteen years younger than he was.

“Here you go, Death,” she said, placing the drink in front of her.

He looked up into her sharp green eyes. They were the eyes of a temptress, the destroyer of his bachelorhood. Then, Brianna, the bitch, she smiled at him showing her white teeth.

Against his better judgment, Death after so many months of avoiding her, started to fall for the redhead. Did the club know red haired women turned him on?

Fuck, there was no other word to describe it. He was truly fucked.

The End