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By:Skye Jordan

Afraid was right—that she’d like it. That he’d like it. That the situation would lead them both down the wrong path. “Don’t goad me, Lawson.”

“Rubi,” Lexi said, “we’re not getting out of here until this is done. Wes is holding the straps.” She let out an exasperated sigh. “Troy…?”

Troy cut her off. “No way, no how am I getting on my knees for Lawson. I’m gonna settle in for the show. Come on, Rubi. We ain’t got all day here.”

“Give it up, Troy,” Wes said, staring into Rubi’s eyes. “She’s backing down.”

“You little troublemaker,” Rubi said.

“Come on, Rubi,” Lexi rounded behind Wes again. “Five minutes, tops.”

Jesus, this was ridiculous. She was wasting more time not doing it than just getting it over with. “Fine.”

She stepped forward, holding Wes’s taunting gaze. “Don’t get any ideas, Lawson. This doesn’t change anything I said earlier.”

His eyes narrowed, and his grin took on an edge. “I bet you say that to all the guys.”

“Exactly.” Rubi let the heat she used at the club slide into her grin. Maybe showing him a little more of her dark side would help him realize she wasn’t one of the sweet little playmates he favored. “I’m glad we understand each other.”

In a purposely bold don’t-play-with-fire move, she pressed both hands flat against his bare chest. His skin was damp and warm and soft, the sprinkle of golden chest hair crisp, the muscle beneath hard and radiating heat. A stream of liquid fire rolled through her body. His nipples tightened at her touch, stirring the craving she’d been restraining for weeks. She ran her tongue over her bottom lip, wishing she could stroke it across the deep brown nub. He’d taste salty now. And so very male, she had no doubt.

Even at five-nine and wearing three-inch heels, she had to tilt her head to look into his eyes. His gaze was heavy-lidded, but sharp, serious and scorching. Those full lips had lost their grin and his jaw ticked with pent up energy. There was definitely a more intense side to this easygoing country boy, born and raised in the heartland—one that coaxed her interest and ramped her desire.

But she held her emotional ground and pushed through the chore with all her shields firmly in place.

Balancing herself with pressure against his chest, Rubi slowly lowered. Keeping her gaze pinned to his, sending the silent message that her will was just as strong as his, her hands slid down the hard wet muscle. God, he was utterly delicious.

Curling her fingers into the neoprene at his waist, she used his body to steady herself and rocked to her knees.

Troy, Keaton, and Duke egged them on with whistles and a husky, “That’s what I’m talking about,” “Looking good there,” and “Mmm-mmm, getting hot in here” encouragement. Rubi let it all fade into the background.

Wes’s gaze had transitioned into something primal. Something hungry. Predatory. Rubi let herself imagine what he’d do to her now if they were alone. How he’d slide his big hands into her hair, guide her mouth to his cock, and draw her forward until he was buried to her throat. A telltale tickle signaled growing moisture between her thighs.

Lexi grabbed Rubi’s hands, moving them to a pair of raised round components on the harness at either side of Wes’s hips. “Hold these right there.”

“Will do.”

Wes let a hand fall to his side. He traced the tip of one finger across her forehead and lifted a lock of hair, setting it aside. The move was so intimate, tension balled in her stomach.

“You look good right there, Russo.” His voice, low and thick, rolled over her skin like a warm breeze. “Really good.”

He traced a tingling path down her cheek and across her jaw. Then his hand opened, and his thumb swept the angle of her cheekbone. A decadent sensation made it hard to keep her eyes open.

Footsteps sounded on the trailer’s stairs. “Are we ready for lunch?”

Jax’s question, clearly asked before he took in the scene, made Rubi grin.

Wes pressed his thumb against the center of her lower lip, dragging her mouth open a touch. “Just say the word…”

And I’ll be your lunch.

He didn’t need to say the words for her to know what he was thinking. What they were both thinking.

“Russo.” The disbelief in Jax’s voice finally drew Rubi’s gaze. “What the hell are you doing?”

“A favor for Lexi.”

“Okay,” Lexi said. “You can get up, Rubi.”

“Thank you,” she said with an infusion of thank God.

Wes leaned down and slid his hands up her arms. With a firm grip on her biceps, he lowered his mouth to her ear and whispered, “Tonight I’ll be dreaming about finishing what we started here.”