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Professor: A First Time Novel(9)

By´╝ÜMadison Faye

And there’s that look again. It’s the same look he had when my big, full young tits were all but bared to him. It had me hot before, but it’s got me biting my lip, crossing my legs, and feeling totally turned on now seeing it again.

Oh yeah, he knows who I am now. He knows what I am now, seeing me here. He knows I’m his student, his most certainly off-limits, lose-your-job-over, inappropriate student.

Except he doesn’t look away, not at all.

And when I see something dark flash across those eyes, I feel a hot flush creep down my body, and I shiver at the promise in those eyes.

He’s like a hungry wolf, and I’ve never been more excited to feel like a sheep.

Chapter 5


She bolts the second class is over. The minute that clock hits two and the rest of the shuffling, wise-cracking freshman start to get up out of their seats, she’s grabbing her bag and darting out the door.

Right, like I’m going to let her get away again.

Yeah, I know I should stay put. I know I should sit my ass down, let her leave and then go get a big stiff drink somewhere. Maybe hit up one of the townie bars off campus and get laid.

Except fuck that. She’s like a magnate, like she’s been the whole damn lecture while I basically stared at her. I stood there like some sort of horny teenager, letting my eyes drop to the tops of her breasts peaking out of that totally not-form-fitting plaid shirt. Except it didn’t matter that she had that other shirt thrown on, because I’d seen what was underneath. I’d stood there all fucking class thinking of those perfect young tits wrapped up in that tight damn tank top, with her nipples slowly hardening and showing through the wet cotton.

I’d somehow meandered through Jane Eyre while I’d fantasizes about Ellie Thompson riding my cock, her face scrunched up in ecstasy as I pumped her full of my cum.

I shove other students out of the way, ignoring questions about class, ignoring the kid that tries to shove the three-day late report into my hands, until I see her side-stepping down a quieter hallway and making for the exit. I narrow my eyes at her, like she’s a target, as I storm right towards her.

I’m still half the hallway-length away from her when a guy in a football jersey suddenly pulls away from the stream of student walking past us and drapes an arm heavily over her shoulders.

I frown, feeling my jaw tense as I see it.

Jesus, of course there’s a guy. I mean a girl that looks like that, out on her own at college? Yeah, no shit there’s a boyfriend.

Ted; the name pops into my head from some other lecture I have with this piece of shit in it. One of those kids with zero business being at a school like this but gets in because they know how to hit people on a football field. Yeah, I played football too, but I didn’t coast on it like this asshole.

I’m rolling my eyes at my own ridiculous horny fantasy about this girl and that perfect body when another movement catches my eye. He’s got her cornered against the wall of the hallway, but it’s the way she’s shaking her head and trying to push him away that has me growling inside as every muscle in my body tenses.

I see the emotion flare in her eyes and the way her her whole body tenses up at his touch like she’s scared, and all I want to do is murder this guy. My eyes narrow as I march right towards them.

“Look, just quit being such an up-tight prudish bitch and-”

“That’s enough.” My voice booms out far louder than I intended it to, but the effect is perfect. Ted immediately drops his hand from it’s grip on her arm and whirls towards me, a scared look on his face that has me grinning to myself.

“It doesn’t really look like the young lady wants your hands on her, does it?”

“Oh, yeah, we were just talk-”

“Where I come from, ‘talking’ doesn’t involve grabbing a girl by the arm and stopping her from walking away.” I glance quickly at Ellie, who’s biting her lip as she looks at me with big, wide eyes.

Ted smirks, and for a second, I have to remind myself the consequences of putting my fist through his fucking face. “Listen, Mr. Mar-”

“Professor Martin,” I growl, and as I take a step towards him, he suddenly cowers a little and takes a step back.

Little punk.

“Yeah, sure, professor.”

“‘Yes sir,’ will do,” I say with a low voice. “And if I ever see you with your hands on a girl like that again, we’re going to have fucking problems. Do I make myself clear?” My eyes are locked on his, my hand in a fist at my side.