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Professor: A First Time Novel(2)

By´╝ÜMadison Faye

“Is this what you were trying to see earlier in the lecture, Professor?” She says with a little grin across her lips.

“Jesus, Ellie,” I growl. I’m moving forward then, drawn to her, and confident that nothing in the fucking world could stop me now. My hands slide up from the wood of the ladder to her legs, and I feel her shiver at the contact of my hands across her soft warm skin.

I’m moving closer still, my mouth inches from her thigh and my breath hot across her skin when she moans.

And there goes the last shred of my restraint. My hands slide right put her thighs, my fingers hooking into her panties. She whimpers then, her breath coming quick as I start to pull them down over her hips. I slip them down until the soft, pink, wet lips of her perfect, college pussy is revealed to me, and I growl.

Chapter 1


I’m a bad man.

Well, no, I’m a good man, but I’m about to do something bad. Because I’m staring down at this perfect little picture of innocence and temptation sprawled out beneath me, and I know I’m never going to be able to resist her.

She’s perfect; strawberry blonde hair cascading around her angelic face with those deep blue eyes looking up at me. Her cheeks flushed pink; pink like the soft pink nipples peaking her heavenly tits. Fuck me, I could bury my face for days in the soft, creamy skin of those breasts and the way they defy fucking gravity in the way they sit so high and perky on her chest despite being so big.

And she’s so fucking wet for me that I can see it glistening in the low light of her dorm room. I can see how ready and willing that tight little pussy is, ready for me as I hover above her about to plunge my cock balls deep into that impossibly tight channel.

Jesus, her dorm room.

Yeah, this girl is perfect, but she’s also so fucking wrong. She’s legal, but she’s a student; my student for God’s sake. She’s my perfect, straight-A student that sits front and center in my freshman english literature class at Hardham College. The one I lose my damn words over when I get sucked into watching her. The one I lose my place in my readings over when I watch her chewing on the end of her pen, her eyes lost in the book in front of her, or when she crosses and uncrosses her legs. She’s not trying to be sexy, but that’s exactly what gets me hard as a fucking rock for her.

I doubt the University would be happy to know about my lusting over a student, but I know they’d be more than pissed if they could see me now, with the head of my cock brushing against her silken, pouty pussy.

Her fingernails drag up my back, her hips undulating as if begging me with her body to plunge into her. I’m all too willing to oblige.

She whimpers when I enter her, sliding my thick tool deep inside of her and practically choking on my breath at how impossibly tight and wet she is.

Of course she is, she’s only done this once before.

Once before, with me, when I popped her cherry and took her innocence. When I had her writhing on my cock, bucking against me and coming like a damn train going off the rails. When she begged me to fill her, and when I finally let go and pumped every drop of cum deep inside her young, unprotected pussy.

It’s barely been twenty-four house since, but I can’t even believe I’ve lasted this long without another taste. That honey between her legs is like my Goddamn drug, and I know I’m hopelessly addicted to it.

She rocks her hips up off the bed, moaning as the extra leverage grinds my cock even deeper inside of her; so deep that there’s no way I could possible fill her small body any further. It’s almost obscene the way her pink pussy lips stretch around my thick shaft, or the how small and delicate she looks under my much older, muscled body.

Obscene like a man my age fucking a girl her age. Obscene like taking an college freshman girl’s cherry on the top of my desk in the english department building where she’s my student not twenty-four hours ago. Obscene like how wrong it is on every level for me to be looking at this girl, much less plunging my cock in and out of her clenching, willing pussy.

I’d had the door locked and the shade drawn yesterday, when I tasted that young body for the first time and when I pushed through her innocence and claimed her as mine. We’re in her dorm room now, though, and the door’s not locked. Her damn roommate could walk in at any time and see us like this, and God knows what sort of shit would hit the fan then.

Fuck, I can hear other students partying down the hall - other students I probably teach, come to think of it. And none of them can possibly know that I’m balls deep in one of their peers right now. None of them would guess in a million years that the goody-two-shoes teacher’s pet that sits at the front of the class and aces every test, and does every extra-credit assignment with flying colors is moaning under me and clawing at my back while her pussy milks me for all that I’m worth. None of them would ever guess that the girl with the black-rimmed glasses, and the hair pulled back in a ponytail, and the normally conservative dress for a college girl her age is now spread-eagle under her professor without a stitch of clothing save a pair of knee-high socks; the glasses to the side, and the normally contained hair wild and free across the sheets beneath her.