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Professor: A First Time Novel(10)

By´╝ÜMadison Faye

I see the emotion flare in her eyes and the way her her whole body tenses up at his touch like she’s scared, and all I want to do is murder this guy. My eyes narrow as I march right towards them.

“Look, just quit being such an up-tight prudish bitch and-”

“That’s enough.” My voice booms out far louder than I intended it to, but the effect is perfect. Ted immediately drops his hand from it’s grip on her arm and whirls towards me, a scared look on his face that has me grinning to myself.

“It doesn’t really look like the young lady wants your hands on her, does it?”

“Oh, yeah, we were just talk-”

“Where I come from, ‘talking’ doesn’t involve grabbing a girl by the arm and stopping her from walking away.” I glance quickly at Ellie, who’s biting her lip as she looks at me with big, wide eyes.

Ted smirks, and for a second, I have to remind myself the consequences of putting my fist through his fucking face. “Listen, Mr. Mar-”

“Professor Martin,” I growl, and as I take a step towards him, he suddenly cowers a little and takes a step back.

Little punk.

“Yeah, sure, professor.”

“‘Yes sir,’ will do,” I say with a low voice. “And if I ever see you with your hands on a girl like that again, we’re going to have fucking problems. Do I make myself clear?” My eyes are locked on his, my hand in a fist at my side.

He nods quickly. “Yes, sir.”


He shoots one quick last look at Ellie before turning and skulking away.

I turn my attention back to her, still looking at me with those big eyes, her mouth hanging open. “Look, I hope I wasn’t putting my nose where it doesn’t belong.”

And immediately, I can think of a few other things I want to put where they don’t belong with this girl.

She smiles at me, that same grin from outside the coffee shop, and I can feel my cock twitch a little in my jeans. “Oh, no, that was…” She trails off and bites her lip. “Thank you,” she says quietly.

“Everything okay?”

“Yeah,” she rolls her eyes, her cheeks flushing pink. “He’s just a jerk.”

Her eyes dart up to mine, and I can see her breath catch a little in her throat. “Look, Professor Mar-”

“You should have said something,” I say, cutting her off and holding those big blue eyes with my own.

I don’t know why I say it, especially since I’m already probably crossing some sort of line by intervening with whatever drama that just was with Ted. These are adults, after-all, and this isn’t high school or anything. But really, she should have said something. I mean she stood there letting me hit on her, clearly not realizing who she was with those damn shades and that fuckin’ hat on.

Clearly not realizing she was my damn student.

And for a second, as roaring hard and single-mindedly turned on I am for her, that little fact starts to sink in. She’s my student. I could technically lose my job over this shit if she decided to report me for harassment or something. You hear horror stories of some flirty young coed accusing a non-tenured professor of “offering to change her grade” or some sort of bullshit, and the guys career is ruined even if he never laid on a hand on her.

She’s quiet, chewing on her bottom lip as that flush creeps over her cheeks and her big wide eyes locked on mine.

“Look, I’m, uh-” I cough suddenly realizing my hand is still on her arm and dropping it as I clear my throat. “Look, I’m sorry if I was inappropriate. Your sunglasses, and the hat-”

“It’s okay, Professor Martin.”


There’s something so innocent about the way she says it, something off-limits and wrong about the way it almost sounds like she’s acquiescing to me that gets my cock rock hard in my jeans.

“Well, listen, I really didn’t recognize you, although I have no fucking idea how I didn’t with you front and center in class every day like you are.”

It’s not really flirtatious, but she blushes like I just dropped a line on her.

“You’re sure I can’t pay for the shirt.”

She laughs, and it’s this musical sound, her whole face twinkling as she smiles. “No, honestly, I’m the one that should be paying for yours.”

I shrug. “We’ll just say it’s covered by your tuition.”