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Night Sky(4)

By:Colbie Kay

Hanger turns his attention back to Demon. “Is that going to be too long to wait?”

“We could work with that, but I think you need to get at least a portion in something now. Is there any where you would wanna invest now?”

Seeing Demon’s reply, I would’ve never guessed he was so smart when it came to this kinda shit. I miss Ripper, but it seems to me that Demon is the right man for this job.

I start thinking about businesses and then a thought hits me. Bear is sitting next to me so I tap him on the shoulder. He looks over at me and I sign, I have an idea.

Bear gets Hanger's attention for me and when he looks over, I give my input.

What about Runaway Tattoo? Hunter and I’ve been going there a lot. Maybe we could talk to her.

“Good idea, Writer. You guys get on that. Hacker, you get on the building for your titty club. Does anyone else have anything we need to discuss?” I look around the room seeing heads shaking and mouths moving. I return my attention back to Hanger.

“Church is over. Let's get the fuck outta here.”

I hold back, waiting for the line to clear then I bolt from the room as fast as I can, going straight to my room.

I grab my stash out from the top drawer of my dresser and dump some crystal out onto the top of it. I pull my driver’s license out of my wallet, smashing the meth down, making sure it's smooth, then I make two rails. Rolling up a bill, I snort that shit up, one in each nostril. When I feel it taking affect, I walk out to the bar and take a seat.

I don't have to bother writing down what I want, Chasyr already knows. Same shit I always get, Jack and Coke. He sits it on the counter in front of me and I down it, trying to get the disgusting drainage from the meth out of the back of my throat. I hit my glass on the bar, letting him know I'm ready for another. When he brings the second one, I down it too and look around the bar, ready to play.

I see a cute little blonde, big fake tits, skirt barely covers her round ass up. I stand and head over, not wasting any time. I grab her by the hand and start walking towards the couch. I sit down, with her standing between my legs, her pussy at eye level and I can see she has no panties on. I run my hand up her thigh then up under her skirt. Two fingers find her pussy as I feel, making sure she is wet and ready for me. I always need them wet and ready because there will never be foreplay with me. That's saved for one girl and one girl only.

I undo my jeans, free my cock, and pump myself a couple of times to get even harder as I look at the girl in front of me. I don't know her name, I don't care enough to ask, I never do. Pulling a condom out of my wallet, I tear it open and wrap my shit up. Gripping her hips, I bring her down to straddle me before my cock starts to slide inside of her pussy.

I let her push herself the rest of the way down on me, all the while I think about how she doesn’t feel anything like my girl did.

She’s not tight like Ever was, nor is she my home.

Fuck, I miss the way her pussy walls strangled my cock, the way her heat and honey scent would surround me. When this whore finds her rhythm, I lay my head against the back of the couch, letting her do all the work.

Right when I'm busting into the condom, there’s a tap on my shoulder. I look to see who it is, Bam Bam, and he’s pointing towards the door with shock written all across his bearded face. I look around the girl that’s just stopped bouncing on my lap to come face to face with the one person I never thought I would see again.

I don't know what the hell came over me, but I give her the most evil smile I can. It's the same face I have tried to forget for the last year, the last three hundred and sixty five days, and the last eight thousand seven hundred and sixty seven hours.





I fucked up. I really fuckin' fucked up and I have to fix it. I jump out of my bed on the seventh day of no contact with my girl. I know she is leaving today, but I have to stop her. She may decide to still go and that’s fine, but I'm not ready to give up on us. We have to work it out. She can go, maybe fly back once in awhile, or I could fly to her. We have Skype and texting. We can get through this, right?

I find her sister out in the bar cleaning off some tables so I run over in desperation. I grip her shoulders to turn around and face me. Under different circumstances, I would have laughed at her surprise. Z, where is she? I begin to sign. She can see the pleading in my eyes for her to tell me. I go on, It's been one week since I saw her last, since our fight on the rooftop, and I can't take it any longer. I have to catch Ever and fix this mess. Please tell me where she is.

Crazy Girl's eyes quickly change to one of sadness that doesn't go unnoticed. Writer, she’s gone. She left awhile ago for the airport. She wouldn't let any of us go with her so she took a taxi, said it would be too hard for her.