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Night Sky(10)

By:Colbie Kay

I can't, Z! I just can't! I can't deal with this anymore. Do you have any idea what it was like for me to have to look at you every day she was gone? Jesus Christ, you look exactly fucking like her. I could barely stand to be around you! We may have gotten past that, but it's like I have to see the goddamn ghost of her every goddamn day. Can you tell Hunter to come on? We need to go. I don't wait for a reply as I head into the bathroom, removing the condom before I storm outside. I need space, I need air, and I need to get fuckin' high.

I throw the door open, step outside and take a couple of deep breaths, letting the cool air hit my lungs. I can sense her, I can feel her around me. I then look to my left and there she is. She’s bent over, gripping her knees with vomit all over the ground in front of her. It's like she can sense the same damn thing because she looks up at me. She wipes her mouth off with the back of her hand as our eyes connect, freezing us both in place, her not making a move and I can’t either.

I can see the black streaks down her cheeks from her makeup running, she’s been crying hard from the looks of it. My natural instinct is to go to Ever, wrap her up in the safety of my arms and comfort her, protect her from the pain I just caused her, but I can't. I'm the one who caused it and made her like this, and it rips my fucking heart out, what little heart I had left. Even with her leaving me and how I feel and have felt in the last year, I never wanted to inflict pain on her, intentionally or not.

I feel a tap on my shoulder. I break the eye contact with her to see that it’s Hunter. He jerks his head toward our bikes, letting me know it's time to roll out. I start to walk away, but turn back one last time, seeing Ever wrapped up in her sister's arms. In this moment, I wish nothing more than for those arms to be mine that are wrapped around her. She’s watching me though, watching me walk away from her. Why the fuck did she have to leave me? I straddle my bike, start it up, and head to Runaway Tattoo.




Fucking Ever Porter, the twin sister of Zoey, is amazing, beautiful, all around perfect girl. The more time I spend with her and the late night text messages back and forth has me growing feelings I know I shouldn't. We just spent hours in a club called Insanity. We drank some, but I cut it short since I'll have her on the back of my bike, taking her home. We danced, talked, and I can't remember the last time I had this much fun.

I pull up into her parent's driveway and kill my Harley. She climbs off the back as we both take our helmets off and she comes to stand in front of me, but I have other plans. I stay sitting on my bike, but grab her hand, pulling her hard and fast where she has to straddle my thigh. I take my free hand, bring it up to her hair, gently taking a handful to hold her head in place.

Ever's eyes grow wide as a corner of my mouth lifts. I search those beautiful blues for the okay, and when I get it, I waste no time in bringing her lips to mine. Hers are sweet and soft, her mouth is hot and wet, her honey scent surrounds me, blurring my mind of anything else around us.

The kiss starts slow until it's not enough. I bite down softly on her bottom lip, seeking entrance. Once I feel her lips part, I slip my tongue inside, exploring her mouth as she does the same with mine. It quickly becomes fevered, life changing and dangerous all at the same time.

When I text her back that first night and told her she was everything more, I meant it. I knew when I took it to the next level, everything would cease to exist. It would forever change us and give us both something we never even fuckin' imagined was possible. Sure as shit, I was fuckin' right, because her mouth, lips, and tongue are goddamn mind blowing.

I pull away sooner than I would like to, but her parents are inside. It wouldn't be cool at all if her dad walked out to see his baby girl in an indecent situation that could have us both thrown in jail. And believe me, as hard as my cock is, I'd like nothing more than to rip her clothes off and put her in that situation. But I can't.

I watch as her eyes slowly open up, they are hazy with lust. She wants me as bad as I want her. That was some kiss, she signs to me while still trying to catch her breath.

Who you telling, Sugar? I smile widely.

Will you tell me what “everything more” means now? I know it's been bugging the shit out of her since I said it, and I haven't told her yet.

That kiss was everything more. What happens from here is everything more. When I get inside of you’ it will be goddamn everything more. From the first night I met you, Ever, it’s been everything more.

I have to ask you something, Writer. Her head drops, no time for her to be shy now. I use my finger to reach out and lift her chin so she has to face me.


Do you have sex with those underdressed women at the club?