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By:Sam Crescent

Chapter One

Crazy watched his daughter, Strawberry, as she played in the park with the other kids. Without his ex-wife around his neck, things at home had become a hell of a lot easier. Suz, his ex, had been a club whore who’d trapped him into a marriage for the sake of his daughter, and Strawberry was his. He’d done the paternity test to confirm that. Running fingers through his hair, he watched his little girl play, sliding down the swings, and generally enjoying life. When he had a chance to reflect, like he did now, he couldn’t believe what a fucking asshole he’d been. In the time that they’d been together, Suz had nearly destroyed him, turning him into a kind of whipping boy for her need.

“I thought I’d find you here,” Daisy said, taking a seat beside him.

“What’s got you looking for me at a damn park with a bunch of kids?” Crazy glanced over at his friend, seeing the struggle going on inside him. What was wrong with Daisy?

“I’m not in the mood to be around the club whores today.”

“Did something happen?” Crazy asked.

“No. Nothing happened, I’m all good. I heard you were with your daughter today, and it has been too damn long since I saw Strawberry.”

Crazy laughed. When he was with Suz, he’d stopped Strawberry from visiting the club. He’d not wanted Suz at the club at all. It was bad enough his brothers knew he’d been caught by the evil bitch. “Nah, you can’t pull that shit with me. This is you, Daisy. You’d come to my place rather than to the park. What the fuck is going on?”

Silence met his question. Staring at Daisy, he waited, and waited, until finally, Daisy gave in.

“My sister is coming to town to visit.”


“So, she’s bringing her friend, and I’ve got to put them up.”

“Then speak to Duke. He’ll make sure they’re at the club, and protected.”

“That’s my fucking problem.”

Crazy growled, frustrated with his friend. “What the fuck is your fucking problem?” He had enough problems of his own, and he didn’t need to start thinking about Daisy’s issues.

“She’s bringing her friend, and I want to fuck her. I’ve known Maria since she was a fucking tomboy kid, but I can tell you, she’s not a kid anymore. She’s fucking hot, and she hates this life. I can’t have her near me.”

“Ignore her then.”

“I want to fuck her, Crazy. I want to bend her over in front of the brothers, and fuck her until I brand her with my dick. I don’t want any other man to have her. I want to stake my claim, and never let her go. How the fuck am I going to resist that kind of temptation with her close to me?”

Daisy was speaking low enough that only Crazy heard what he was saying. Shit, Daisy didn’t just want to get off with Maria. He wanted her as an old lady. That was a big step, a huge one, and it wasn’t a decision that was to be taken lightly, or quickly. It had taken Crazy the last couple of months to finally decide to stake a claim on Leanna, the woman who babysat his kid.

He wasn’t in the mood right now to think about his woman. Leanna was proving to be … difficult. All of his life he’d snapped his fingers, and bitches had come running to him, and now, he was having to do all the running. The experience wasn’t exactly thrilling. He had to do all the hard work. She wouldn’t even accept any gifts from him, and refused to go on any dates. How was he supposed to impress a woman when she wouldn’t even go on dates?

“Shit, man, I’m sorry. How’s it going with Leanna?”#p#分页标题#e#

“I’m here alone. How do you think it’s going?” Crazy ran a hand down his face. “I’m sorry. It’s just hard right now. Strawberry adores her, and she’s perfect, and I can’t get her to come out with me.”

“Have you asked Strawberry to help you?” Daisy asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Get your daughter to invite her out to dinner. Make it an invite from Strawberry rather than an invite from you.”

“I’m not going to use my daughter to get the woman I want,” Crazy said.

“I wouldn’t call it using her. I’d call it ‘getting a little help’. Leanna’s not going to budge on you.”

“She thinks I just want a mom for my kid.”

“Don’t you?”

Yes, in the beginning what he’d wanted was a mother figure for his little girl. Suz, Strawberry’s real mom, had been a piece of shit. She’d used their daughter to keep him in place, turning him into a pussy, and using him for money. Looking back over the last couple of weeks, he realized that he’d been a shadow of his former self. It pissed him off. Suz had turned him into a fucking pussy, and what was worse, he’d let her. No, that shit wasn’t happening. He was a fucking man, and he’d put Suz in her place, and she was now gone.