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My Best Friend(5)

By´╝ÜBrooklyn Reese

Greg pulled back and collapsed onto the bed, fighting to even his breath.

“Oh my god, Cam. Dear, sweet Jesus. That was fucking incredible.”

I lay down on the bed beside him, smiling in satisfaction at the amazed look on his face. His eyes deepened as he worked them over the length of my body, coming back to meet my eyes, sending tingles throughout my middle.

“I think it’s time to give you a nice little gift of your own in exchange.”

With that he rolled over on top of me and spread kisses over the corners of my deep brown eyes, my turned-up nose, my dimpled chin; taking his time to taste every inch of my skin. He moved downwards until he met my puckered nipples, running his tongue in circles around each one, sucking on the ends of the deep, pink peaks and sending jolts of electricity up my spine. His mouth continued its explorations, stopping to tease the ticklish spot inside my belly button. I opened my legs wide in a silent invitation, and he readily obliged. When I felt the heat of his breath on my mound, I almost came unglued right then. Very carefully he licked each side of my cunt, teasing the most sensitive area around my folds. I moaned and lifted my hips, offering him more. He brought his hot mouth down over my clit, flicking his tongue back and forth over the hardened nub until I saw stars.

“Oh, Greg. Mmm. Yes, baby, right there.” I gasped.

His experienced tongue worked magic between my thighs. In and out, around, back and forth. He touched places I didn’t even know existed. My body started to shake and he moved back over my clit, sucking and flicking until I couldn’t take anymore. I cried out, grabbing at his hair, and shoved my cunt against his face. I felt my orgasm come from the ends of my toes, my vision growing dark around me as the juices poured from my insides and down over Greg’s chin. He kept licking, more gently than before, until the boiling intensity of my explosion slowed to a simmer.

He smiled up at me and crawled up to look me in the eyes. I grabbed the back of his neck without saying a word and lapped up every drop of my cum from his chin. Greg groaned with delight and I felt a stirring between his legs.

“Cam, you are so beautiful.”

His cock was soon rock-hard again and he positioned himself against the opening of my slit. I begged him to fuck me. I needed to feel his thick cock stuffing me full at last. He slowly began to push his cock inside of me, but my tiny hole resisted his girth.

Looking down at me with a quizzical expression, he asked, “Are you…?”

“A virgin?” I finished.

Greg nodded slowly.

“Yes," I told him. "Is that okay?”

“Are you sure this is what you want?” he asked, lust and concern mingled in his eyes.

“More than anything.”

That was all the permission he needed. Greg slowly and patiently squeezed past the barrier of my tight pussy, letting out a low moan once he was completely in. This was beyond anything I’d ever experienced on my own before, and I let out a little gasp at the feel of having him inside of me. I had never imagined it could feel this good. My insides swelled up around his thick cock, taking hold of his flesh as he filled every part of me.

I felt the need to come bubbling up inside again. The longer I held off, the wetter I became and the harder Greg fucked me. Finally, I couldn’t take the pounding to my clit anymore and I let out a hard gush, screaming out Greg’s name as my cunt squeezed down on his cock, sending more juices flowing out onto the bed.

Greg smiled down at me, his eyes beaming. “Damn, girl. What’s gotten into you?”

“You. You’ve gotten into me. And I don’t ever want you to leave.”

With that, he flipped me over the side of the bed, pulling my ass up into the air towards him with his strong hands. I barely had time to speak another word before I felt his cock stuffing me full from behind. I cried out in ecstasy as each thrust filled my sopping, pulsing tunnel. His hands gripped my ass as he plunged inside my pink folds again and again, his balls smacking against me from the force. I didn’t want him to stop. His dick filled me perfectly, stretching me around him, squeezing his shaft, causing just the right amount of friction. Minutes later Greg’s body stiffened and his breathing became ragged.

“Oh god, Cam. I love your sweet ass. You feel so goddamn good.”

Then he let out a deep growl as he pumped my snatch one last time, overflowing me with his steaming hot cum.

We both fell over onto the bed in exhaustion, curled up next to each other, and fell into a deep sleep.

Several hours later I felt Greg’s fingers lightly stroking my skin. I peeked open my eyes and found him staring at me.

“I can’t believe we did this,” he whispered.