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My Best Friend(4)

By´╝ÜBrooklyn Reese

I stayed in there long enough to calm myself down completely and pull my confidence levels back to where they'd been when we boarded the plane. I simply refused to back out now. Once I had myself back under control, I smoothed back my hair and headed back towards the check-in desk, where I found Greg waiting for me as I approached.

"Hey, Tory's out in valet waiting so she doesn't have to park. I'll run my bags upstairs right quick and then be on my way."

"Here, I'll take your bags. Just give me your extra key. Then Tory won't have to wait as long."

He gratefully handed me one of his room keys, kissed my cheek, and disappeared into the crowd by the curb.

When I got to my room, it was sweltering inside. What the hell? I turned the air conditioner on and was immediately met with a burst of warm air. Crap. A quick call to the front desk was futile. Their maintenance guys were inundated with repairs. Worse yet, they were booked and couldn’t move me to a new room, but they assured me they would do their best to be up in a few hours. A few hours? I would melt by then! I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to sleep at that moment. There was no way I would be able to sleep like this, though. I paced my room for several minutes before I caught sight of Greg’s spare key on the nightstand. Hm. I guess I could doze for a few minutes on his bed until he got back. Hopefully by then my air conditioning would be fixed. I grabbed some things from my bag — might as well shower while I was there — and headed down the hall to his room.

The cool water hitting my hot skin felt incredible. I stood there forever enjoying the pulsing spray on my body. I let my mind wander to Greg, as was pretty common these days. He looked so good today in his crisp white button-down and khakis. The fabric clung to his hard body in all the right places. It was difficult keeping my focus on Tory when he looked so damned delectable. My hands roamed south as if on autopilot, and I felt myself moisten in anticipation. My fingers found my hard little nub and I began rubbing, urging the release of the pent-up tension I had been feeling all day around Greg. I fell back against the wall, spreading my thighs wide as I played with my clit with one hand and fingered my puckered hole in back with the other, sliding in and out slowly to prolong the pleasure. The double stimulation sent me over the edge in no time. I cried out, my voice echoing against my tile enclosure. My entire body went limp as I slid down the wall to relish my sweet release.

Still in my towel, I collapsed on Greg’s bed. “I’ll just lay here for a few minutes”, I thought. That was the last thing I remember before hearing Greg’s voice in the distance.

“Cameron? Cam? Cam, honey, wake up.”

I opened my eyes to see Greg standing over me and I bolted upright. Shit.

Greg’s eyes dropped as I felt my towel fall open. Oh, god. I’d completely forgotten I was still wearing that. He immediately averted his gaze, blushing at what he’d seen.

“Uhm…” he stammered.

“Oh, geeze, I’m sorry.” I jumped up off the bed hugging my towel tightly to my body as I stood. Greg seemed frozen there in front of me.

“I, uh, the air conditioner is out in my room. I came here to cool down and I must’ve dozed off.”

But Greg didn’t say anything. He just stood there, the shock of seeing me naked still written on his face. I watched him for a second and allowed my eyes to wander the length of his body, taking him all in again. He still looked as good at the end of the day as he had when we got on the plane. Damn. When I reached his belt, I noticed the same swelling down below as I had that day at his pool. It was the perfect opportunity to make my move. I let go of my towel and let it drop to the floor.

“Cam? What are you…?”

I didn’t let him finish. I stood on my tiptoes and covered his mouth with mine, hungrily searching for his tongue. His response was slightly delayed, but it didn’t take long for him to recover. He grabbed my waist, pulling me into the kiss, his tongue pushing into my mouth in response. He moaned and I felt him grow harder against my belly. He brought his hands around to my taut ass, grabbing on hard with both hands, melding me into him. He pushed away long enough to catch his breath.

“Cam, oh god, honey.”

“I want you so much. Please, Greg, fuck me tonight. Take me here. Now.”

He growled as he came down on my mouth again, more forcefully this time, sliding his hands up my tiny waist, cupping my tits in his large hands. The feel of his hands on my skin sent shockwaves throughout my body and I felt the bubbling sensations start low in my navel once again. Jesus. The effect this man had on me was mind-blowing. My pussy started throbbing when I felt his hand move to my mound. I stepped back to unbutton his shirt, roving my hands over his smooth, muscular chest as I pushed it down around his waist. I worked my tongue along the crook of his neck and inched downward until I reached the top of his pants. Dropping to my knees, I pulled his belt off and looked up into his eyes. They sparked like an electrical storm as he looked back at me with raw lust. I popped the button open on his slacks and his cock sprang free, thick and begging to be sucked, and I grabbed onto his shaft, pulling the head towards my mouth. I ran my tongue over the tip first, tasting the salty moisture drip from the end onto my lips. I heard him draw in his breath when I put the head into my mouth and swirled my tongue around inside. Slowly I worked his length further in until I felt it tickle the back of my throat. I loved feeling his thick meat pulsing inside my mouth. I pulled back and pushed down on him over and over, bringing the head further back into my throat with each stroke. I cupped his balls with one hand, massaging gently as I took him deeper inside my mouth. Greg grabbed the back of my head and I heard him make a strangled noise his hot cum sprayed the back of my throat. I swallowed greedily, taking in every drop I could with each burst, loving the tangy taste of his sperm as it went down.