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By´╝ÜKathryn Kelly

This late, the party had turned into a full blown orgy. Seeing him and Stretch leaving a room with a girl didn’t appear strange. Everyone would assume they’d fucked the girl. Fucking fine, if not for the girl’s identity. And Fee looked well fucked with her swollen mouth and flushed skin. Not to mention her fucking outfit that had motherfuckers leering at her.

He wrapped his arm around her, scowling at the fuckheads, nodding to the Bob who’d been all over him earlier.


Ignoring the call, Cash kept moving, fucking exhausted, mentally and physically. As soon as he got Fee to her car, he’d go to his room and crash.

“Hey, Cash. Wait, brother.”

It dawned on him who called his name and he dropped his arm from around Fee. Without stopping, he headed outside. If Slipper wanted to talk to him, the rancid fucker would follow, which he did.

“What are you doing with Prez’s sister?”

Cash stood downwind, so Slipper’s unwashed scent hit him hard.

“I was showing her my computer,” Stretch said, coming up behind Slipper and overhearing the question.

“We been looking for you two for hours.”

Hours, huh? Fucking unlikely. Ninety minutes ago, both Cash and Stretch had been circulating amongst the crowd.

Slipper’s sly look concerned Cash and pissed him off. “Come to find out you and Stretch was having fun with her.”

“No, fucker, we weren’t having the type of fun you’re thinking about,” Cash snarled.

Appearing from the shadows, the Bob who he’d left to see to Fee, sashayed to their little group and winked at him. She still hadn’t dressed, despite the chill in the air. Seeing both Fee and Stretch’s reaction to her, their hurt, Cash scratched his neck.

She sidled between them and brushed her hand over Cash’s chest. She was one of the last girls Arrow had trained. Now, they were Cash’s responsibility. “He was with me until half an hour ago, Slipper.”

To Cash’s relief, she’d fudged the time.

Slipper swayed. “I thought I saw you partying with some other motherfucker a bit ago.”

“Earlier, yeah,” she said easily. “But I’ve been with him at Outlaw’s table. Remember? Before you open your big fucking mouth to Outlaw, check your facts.”

“I have to go,” Fee cut in.

“You shouldn’t have come, honey.” Daphne smirked at her. “I haven’t had your brother, but Cash? He’s mine.”


Cash would set her straight, away from Slipper. At the moment, he went with it.

“I don’t know you, Daphne,” Fee said, her voice hoarse. “There’s no need to take that nasty attitude with me.”

Daphne laughed harshly. “You don’t have to know me. Around here, there’s two categories. Us and them. You’re them, who only see us as whores and sluts.”

“I don’t see you as anything,” Fee argued. “I don’t know you. It’s your life. Suck who the hell you want. You go near Christopher, and Meggie will kick your ass.”

Slipper snickered and belched. “I’d like to see that.”

“Me, too,” Daphne said, focusing on Cash again. “Let’s leave them to whatever, babe.”

Fee started past him, her shoulders slumped. He should allow her to go. Daphne’s intervention had redirected Slipper’s attention, clearing Cash of any potential accusations while Stretch followed Fee. But Cash hated for her to leave so hurt after their evening.

“Give me a minute,” he told Daphne, somehow knowing he’d remember her name after tonight thanks to Fee’s sneer. He’d fucked the girl more times than he could count. As just another whore to pleasure the bikers, he didn’t bother with a fucking name and forgot her the moment she left his company.

“You owe me,” she whispered to him.

“I’m sure I do, princess,” he retorted.

When he caught up to Stretch and Fee, she was already in her car. Stretch’s scowl matched Fee’s.

“All right, you two. Cut the bullshit. She saved our asses,” he pointed out. “If Slipper went to Outlaw, we wouldn’t have asses left to save. He’d fuck us up and bury us.”

“I have to go,” Fee said dully.

Before she drove off, Cash bent and touched her cheek. “I had fun tonight, sweetheart.”

The hurt on her face reminded him why Outlaw warned Cash away.

“Bye, Cash.”

‘You’re an asshole,” Stretch said, after Fee sped off.

Without responding, Cash walked off. Near the door, he found Daphne and Slipper sharing a bud.

Annoyance darkened her face. She must’ve been pissed because he’d left her to follow Stretch. “Hmm, you know, I might’ve gotten the time we were together wrong.”