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By´╝ÜKathryn Kelly

Fee scooted from between them, down Cash’s body to his cock. She didn’t take him in her mouth, licking his balls instead.

Times like this he wished for four hands. He didn’t want to stop touching Stretch, but he wanted to place his hands in Fee’s hair, urge her on as she sucked his dick.

He contented himself with touching one of Stretch’s cheek while attempting to reach for Fee. Fucking impossible, unless he sat up. Stretch pulled away, crawling behind Fee and raising her ass in the air.

Flipping Stretch a condom, Cash glared at him for not reaching for it himself. Fee could not turn up pregnant. He had a slew of reasons, the main one named Outlaw.

Cash risked life and dick by continuing to fuck her.

Once Stretch covered his cock, he sank into Fee. She moaned at the contact, her breath fanning Cash’s dick. The sight of Stretch’s pleasure, the sound of Fee’s relief from having a cock inside her, heightened Cash’s need. His hands finally free, he indulged in wrapping her hair around his fingers while she fucked him with her mouth.

The sound of her sucking him, Stretch’s and Fee’s bodies slapping together, the feel of the tip of his cock down her throat, sent Cash over the edge. It felt as if his cum travelled along his spine, to his balls, then burst out of his cock.

Fee swallowed his cum, then rocked her hips against Stretch. He pulled out of her and laid on his back, next to Cash.

“Ride me, Fee,” he instructed.

Brilliant fucking idea. “Face forward,” Cash told her. “And lean against Stretch.”

Once she obeyed his command, Cash settled between their legs. Fondling Stretch’s balls, he licked Fee’s pussy in long, slow strokes. He tongued down, stealing a few licks at the base of Stretch’s cock. But he would come, stimulated by Fee’s pussy. Cash used his mouth for Fee’s sake, so he concentrated on her clit, although he continued to play with Stretch’s balls.

Fee was soaked. The more Stretch fucked her, the faster Cash licked her, the juicier her pussy got.

Her body began to shake, her cries turning to screams as she came against Cash’s tongue. Beneath his hand, Stretch’s balls tightened. Stretch released a harsh grunt, then stiffened, his thrusts halting, although he kept his cock in Fee.

Now, Cash had a hard cock again while Fee and Stretch were satisfied. He kissed the inside of her thigh, allowing her a moment longer to catch her breath.

“We have to get you out of here, Fee,” he said, getting to his feet.

“Your cock’s hard again.” Stretch pointed out the fucking obvious.

Cash rolled his eyes. “No shit.”

Guiding Fee off his cock, Stretch climbed out of bed and approached Cash, resuming the kiss that had been interrupted earlier.

“I want you so bad,” Stretch told him.

Cash would come up with a better plan tomorrow. Through resisting them tonight, he guided Stretch back to the bed, who wasted no time lying next to Fee while Cash used the last condom. Just as he reached for the lube, Fee snatched it. Opening the bottle, she poured some into her hand. She rubbed against Stretch’s raised legs. Stroking his ass, she bent her head and took his cock into her mouth.

Much like Stretch had done earlier, Cash lifted her ass in the air and sank into her, sighing in bliss. Grasping her hips, he drove into her, not wanting to pull out of her, but doing so anyway.

“Move, minx,” he ordered.

Whining in protest, she rolled to her side. Seeing how well she’d prepared Stretch for Cash’s invasion didn’t stop him from entering slowly, giving Stretch time to relax.

“Come here, Fee,” Stretch said, pulling her to him. Positioning her pussy on his mouth, she faced Cash.

Tits bouncing, Fee rode Stretch’s mouth, never taking her eyes from Cash’s cock, stroking in and out of Stretch while she manipulated Stretch’s hard dick, working Cash into a frenzy. Fee paused in her own pleasure, jerking Stretch’s cock, thumbing the slippery head, squeezing his base, coaxing cum from him.

Sucking cum from her fingers, Fee grinded her pussy against Stretch’s mouth. The moment she came, Cash followed, groaning through his release.

Fee collapsed to Stretch’s side, while Cash fell against the footboard, their harsh breathing filling the air.

“Let’s try this shit again,” Cash said a few minutes later. “We have to get you out of here, Fee.”

“Okay,” she agreed.

They dressed in silence. What could be said? Their relationship was a secret one and both Stretch and Fee had issues of jealousy. Perhaps, Cash didn’t have those feelings because he didn’t see their triad going anywhere. He just had to get them to understand that.

Opening the door, he found the hallway deserted. A nursery was set up for the kids in one of the rooms, so motherfuckers didn’t fuck with this area. However, the action had spilled into the second hallway, and the one leading to the main room.