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By´╝ÜKathryn Kelly

As much as he swore he protected himself by staying in the relationship on his terms, his head hurt at the fucking wrongness of fucking over two people who refused to protect themselves.

One reason he’d stayed away from Fee. He wanted to safeguard her against him.

Of all the things he’d expected, he never thought she’d hunt him down. What should he do in this situation?

Searching his conscience, he stood in the embrace, quiet, listening to his thoughts.

“We love you.” Fee spoke the problem in a nutshell.

Cash didn’t know if he’d betrayed Stretch by bringing her into their relationship. Or if it was a natural progression. They both enjoyed women. They’d had several brief, meaningless threesomes. The difference was Fee wasn’t brief or meaningless. He’d also chosen her without Stretch, breaking their agreement to select a woman together.

He released both of them, familiar emptiness creeping in.

“I’m going back to the party,” he announced, affecting unconcern. Dealing with their jealousy towards each other wasn’t on tonight’s to-do list. It wasn’t present all of the time—most of the time—but when it was, it was hell. “Let me walk you to your car, Fee.”

She drew her brows together. Suddenly, her eyes brightened and she backed up to Stretch’s bed. The mattress hit the back of her legs, and she plopped down. Without pause, she unzipped each of her boots, then kicked them off.

“How do you turn your music on?”

Stretch looked as mystified at Fee’s behavior as Cash felt as he connected his phone to speakers and pulled up his music subscription service. “Any particular track?”

Mischief livened her face. “Anything I can strip to.”

“Ophelia,” Cash started in warning tones. If she ended up naked, he’d never be able to resist her. Pushing her away was already hard. That small admission irritated the fuck out of him. “It’s time to go.”

Forgetting about the music and catching on to her intentions, Stretch sat next to her. They both glanced at him before tearing into each other’s mouths.

Cash needed to get the fuck out. If they wanted to fuck, he wouldn’t interfere. He’d watched them before, but then she made the little noise, where she lost herself to pleasure, that tortured Cash.

Stretch unbuttoned her top and removed it. He unfastened her bra and slid it down her arms. His fingers looked so tanned and rough against her creamy skin as he took one of her apricot-colored nipples into his mouth. Throwing her head back, Fee threaded her fingers through his hair. She made that sound again.

Cash’s balls tightened and he gritted his teeth, reminding himself that he’d told them they could indulge in a secret affair on his terms.

He lived by the code of self first. Ignoring his rising cock, instead of crossing the room and fucking, went against his motto.

Gliding his fingers along Fee’s thigh, Stretch lifted his head to see his strokes. Their differences fascinated Cash, one so soft and delicate looking, the other hard and all man.

“Fuck, you’re bare beneath your skirt.” To prove his awed words, Stretch shoved her skirt above her waist, revealing her pussy.

Cash’s balls were beginning to fucking hurt. The conscience that had reared its ugly head faded to the background.

The gutteral grunt cracked the last bit of Cash’s resistance. Completely fucking undone, he went to the bedside table. Opening the drawer, he picked up a condom and the lubricant, laying it next to Fee’s head.

As Cash undressed, Stretch parted her thighs, dipping his head to her little clit. He stroked her from the top of her mound down to her ass, twirling his tongue around her rosebud.

Fee jerked at the contact, a pink hue sweeping her body. Before Cash’s eyes, her pussy flushed. Desire glazed her brown eyes, leaving him helpless to do anything else but return her smile. Eating her pussy, Stretch didn’t see the exchange or her tender regard.

In over his motherfucking head, Cash went to Stretch, lifting his shirt and stroking his back, his side, and along his stomach, all the way to his belt. He rubbed his hard cock against Stretch’s ass. Unbuckling his belt, he leaned into Stretch, kissing behind his ear, the scent of Fee making his hands shake.

“Undress,” he whispered against Stretch’s ear.

Cash had to repeat the command before Stretch complied by taking his shirt off and opening his jeans. His injuries shamed him, so he never undressed completely.

The moment he moved, Cash laid next to Fee and pulled her into his arms, planting his mouth over hers. He rubbed her pussy, massaging her clit with two fingers. She tasted so fucking sweet, Cash could kiss her all damn night.

Stretch climbed on the other side of Fee. Without the wall against his back, Stretch might’ve fallen flat on his ass in the queen-sized bed. He tweaked Fee’s nipple and grasped Cash’s hair, dragging his head up in a tight hold, taking the kisses for himself.