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By´╝ÜKathryn Kelly

“Bye, potato,” she called. “When you get home, Mommie will have a special treat for you.”

Christopher leered at her. “You gotta special treat for my fuckin’ ass, baby?”


“Nope. Ain’t ever happenin’.”

She gave him a saucy wink. “You’re a psycho.”

“Yeah, but I’m your psycho.”

“And I’m your sweet angel,” she returned.

“Yeah, baby, always and for-fuckin-ever. Ain’t matterin’ if you my sweet angel or my wicked little bitch, I love the fuck outta you.”

“I love you more,” she whispered.

“Psycho stalker Wildman and all?”

She nodded. “You’ll always be mine.”

The day Megan walked into his clubhouse looking for Big Joe was the day Christopher’s life began. Their tragedies and triumphs, love and laughter, from the moment they’d met, gave them the solid foundation to build their legacy upon.

She was his life, his future, and his everything.

He kissed her again. “Whatever you call me, ain’t nothin’ but a thing, Megan.”

Ain’t nothin’ but a thing, indeed.