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By:Sam Crescent

It wasn’t Landon’s voice that called her name.

She stood behind the trunk of the car. Don’t turn around. Don’t let him see you.

Again, he spoke her name, and she couldn’t exactly ignore him. Spinning around, she gave him her best fake smile

Landon was standing by Russ. The two were talking.

“Look at me, Zoe,” Raoul said.

Biting her lip almost to the point of piercing the skin, she stared at the man who’d been in her thoughts for a long time.

“You’re looking good,” she said, speaking the first thing that came to her mind.

“What are you doing here?”

“I was looking for something, and I think I found it.” Oh, boy did I find it. My fucking sanity. What the hell was I thinking coming to a place like this for a man I don’t even fucking know?

She cursed all the time in her head.

“Is everything okay?” he asked, taking a step toward her.

Taking a step back, Zoe stared at his hands. She knew exactly where they’d been, and she didn’t want those hands anywhere near her.

“I’m fine. I’m just waiting for Landon to drive me back to campus.”

“You don’t have to leave.”

“I do. I just wanted to see you to thank you. I really didn’t mean to interrupt your fun.” She moved around the car putting as much distance between them as possible. His jeans were still unbuttoned. He probably still wore the condom. Opening the passenger door, she stared at his shoulder, hoping she was fooling him. “Thank you.”

Climbing into the car, she waited for Landon to climb in.

Raoul rounded the car, though, opening the door. “Is anyone giving you trouble?”

She stared into his blue eyes. He had the boy next door look going for him.

“No. No trouble whatsoever.” She forced a smile to her lips.

Landon climbed into the passenger side, and she was grateful.

There really were no other words that needed to be spoken between them. Raoul closed the door, and part of her was sad to see him give up so easily. What she’d seen hadn’t been that shocking. No, what shocked her was her own reaction to witnessing such open sex. Her body was humming with pleasure. She’d never felt anything like this before, and that alone scared her.

Chapter Three

“I told you to keep an eye on her, not to bring her to the fucking clubhouse and especially not to bring her when I didn’t fucking know about it.” Raoul yelled at Landon while also pacing the clubhouse parking lot. He was pissed off, more than pissed. Not only had he been close to orgasm last night when he’d happened to glance up and see Zoe, but afterward he’d not been able to do a damn thing. She was too fucking young for him, and there was no chance in hell for either of them getting together.

It was a fantasy inside his own head. He’d seen the shock on her face last night with what she’d witnessed.

You didn’t see disgust though.

She had run from him before he witnessed anything else.

“I left a message with Daisy. It’s not my fault that he didn’t pass it on to you.”

“He told me you were coming, not that you were bringing the very woman I put you with to protect.” Landon was one of their youngest potential prospects. He was of college age, and he was already in the same college as Zoe. Raoul offered to vote for him to become a prospect, and in return he kept an eye on Zoe.

“I’m there, okay. I’m fucking her roommate.”

“Is this the same roommate that almost got her hurt?” Raoul asked.

“No. It’s the new one. The old one took the hint when I told her to get out of town.” Landon ran fingers through his hair. “Look, I’ve been talking with Stacey, the roommate, and she told me Zoe is obsessed with you.”


“She clings to that card you gave her. From what Stacey has told me she hasn’t even used the gun you gave her. She’s totally focused on you.”

Raoul ran a hand down his face. He’d not gotten the best night’s sleep last night.

“What’s up with you miserable fuckers?” Crazy asked, walking out of the clubhouse. It was one of the first nights he’d actually stayed at the club.

“Where’s Strawberry?” Raoul asked, talking about his young kid.

“At home with her mother. I couldn’t stay there another minute listening to Suz fucking moan about shit. I tell you, don’t ever get fucking married.”

“Duke’s married. So is Pike,” Landon said.

“They’re lucky bastards. Holly and Mary are two of a kind. The rest of them are fucking whores.” Crazy pulled his cigarettes out of his pocket. “What’s going on with you bitches this morning?”